Cool Sketching and Drawing Ideas

by Liberty Bell
(St. Johns)

What makes a really cool drawing idea?

Something quite different from the normal thing or object you know; something that has not been copied (or plagiarized).

Ideas can come from any source, even old ideas that have been around for eons. Tesla was so tired of living in darkness after the sun went down, candles had to be lit or gas lamps fired up - that Tesla discovered electric power (DC) so we'd have lights on. He was in cahoots with Edison with the electric light bulb. And hey! Presto, we had light. Ever thought how we can't live now without power?

Drawing ideas usually come from other artists' drawings or different renderings they sketched of a portrait or landscape. Many of my ideas came from Egon Schiele and Rembrandt. (they both lived in different time zones and their drawings are vastly different).

Both their drawing techniques should be studied by the artist-in-training. You will notice how they expressed 3D forms (from human anatomy) in various ways which of course changed over the years as they gained experience.

Project For You.

Screw up a piece of paper, any paper, take a picture of it and load it up on your hard drive. Get out Photoshop and put the image through P/shop's filters or some of the 3rd party filters to produce marvelous abstract drawings.

You can get unlimited ideas from this project.

Let's see what drawing ideas you can come up with.

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