Drawing Animals in Charcoal

by Greg Monterey



Most of my drawings are of animals which I like to draw in their natural habitat. This is not easy so I have to take my DSLR camera and shoot many pictures.

Then I bring them back to my studio and pick out the best parts for my drawings.

Initially I do many thumbnail sketches to find what looks really good. By the way, the medium that I use is pencil and charcoal. I like charcoal as it gives deep rich blacks which almost looks like velvet. I don't recommend charcoal for beginners because it is quite messy and you have to be very careful of smudging your work.

Once I am happy with a specific thumbnail, I then draw a much larger one and carefully watch the proportions. If the proportions are out then the drawing looks "wrong" and people do notice it (but can't tell you why.)

I practically draw every day when I have time to spare from my other job. It can be a lot of fun but also quite frustrating when the drawing doesn't look right.

Your comments would be most welcome, good or bad. I am not afraid of criticism if it helps.

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Jun 02, 2014
Good job
by: Matthew Eckel

This is really good.....and kind of creepy

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