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Here is your pencil drawing gallery showing a variety of styles on nearly all subjects your can think—you'll find lots on the human figure, faces, animals, Gothic, fantasy, Anime with all its offshoots and plenty more.

Many of these sketches—which will be added too frequently, have been culled from my diaries (sketchbooks) dating back to the year dot.

I've also included some early drawings by Rembrandt, Durer, Rubens and other great masters, to show you what can be accomplished by "economy of line" —in other words, it is not what you put in but rather what you leave out to create a dynamic drawing. The line says it all.

The art of drawing came about because it was originally intended for preliminary sketches to be transposed into other media—usually oil painting. These old masters gave us an insight into the artists search for forms, ideas and designs.

Compare Rembrandt's sketches to Degas, or Durer to Rubens or Raphael—each with their own distinctive handwriting. This was often lost in translation.

Take the ingenuity of Henri Matisse's line drawings; seems simplistic and easy to do, right? Take careful note of his lines which have been controlled skillfully to project the form into space giving a 3D effect. The vitality in his drawings is pure genius. Few artists have this ability—perhaps a few come close. Rubens AKA Sir Peter Paul Rubens was a Flemish/Dutch painter, lived in Antwerp, was quite prolific in his drawings and paintings and was influenced by Titian, Michelangelo and da Vinci. He painted mainly religious and mythical subjects. His drawings (one shown below here) are quite magnificent.


Sketch of Afican Head

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