Drawings of Crosses
From Classic to Modern

Drawings of crosses have been around long before grandma was born and, as you know, it's actually the oldest human symbol.

The history of crosses is rather boring in so far that there zillions of designs and we have some of them right here on these pages. 

Many tattoo artists usually have thousands of cross drawings mainly because they are loved by the younger generation who have to display them on nearly every body part! Have you ever seen an aged grandpa with tattoos and rings through his nose or ears?

We'll start off the collection here with the well-known Christian crucifix (also known as the Latin Cross) which is like so many other crosses where two bars are at right angles to each other. With this basic cross format, you can design your very own cross with ease. Take a look at the so-called "budded cross" where there are three circles at the end of each bar (see illustration below) Well, you can draw anything at the end of each bar, diamonds or squares, oblongs or wavy lines, a flower perhaps? You only need a little imagination.

The Celtic Irish cross is perhaps the most decorative of all the two bars are right angles. The cross-over here has a circle which encloses ornate designs but it is not popular with tattoo artists probably due to the intricate lines. You see these mainly in graveyards--so who wants a tombstone engraved on their back?

I've put drawings of crosses here to inspire you to create your very own original cross, so they vary quite a lot with varying shapes and break out from the basic two-bar cross. In fact it may just help you if you can put aside the "cross" and start off with a circle and enclose inside the circle your very own cross idea.

If you have a look at some heraldry designs (like a shield used in battle) you can glean plenty of ideas from them, there are a few illustrations below for your inspiration.




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