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Drawings of People

Have you ever done any drawings of people in a public place like a shopping mall?

These pesky people will not keep still for a moment—so you have to be fast to capture these moments that don't last for more than a few seconds.

I find it easier to draw people in a park—someone sitting on a park bench, an old man smoking a pipe or reading the newspaper—he aint going anywhere fast!

On a Sunday afternoon, when people are more relaxed, it's a good time to get out your sketchpad and start drawing. Sometimes I take my camera to get ALL the details as my target moves off into another pose. My drawings always take preference over a camera. Drawings are far more dynamic than any photo—they have far more vitality and interest.

As people are on the move all the time, it helps if you can get a "mental image" of the person you wish to draw—then draw from that "image" in your mind. I find this helps a lot, especially if you look at your "model" then briefly close your eyes which help to retain just that image you want to draw. You do not need details, just the overall form of your model.

Below you'll see some of my sketches taken at random from my sketchbooks over the past two decades or so. There is nothing fantastic there, only rough sketches capturing fleeting moments of people being themselves. They are not posing so they are quite natural for interesting drawings you can develop.

People can be funny in their dress and miserable in their expression or body language. These are the moments to capture.

As I lived in South Africa for some years, I had the opportunity to sketch many African cultures, from the Ndebeles, Zulus, and many others. These tribal Africans were quite easy to draw as they would sit for 10 minutes without moving. They'd always be paid for their hard work. (I've now taken down my African drawings and put them on their own page.)

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Himanshu Harsora  
Om Hamah Sivay pencil sketch ...

My Collection of Drawings 
Every drawing expresses a feeling that few people can feel. I hope you like them. By Rahma Lhoussig

Krishna With His Flute 
I did this pencil shading with great interest as I love dark shadings and it came out very well!

Drawing becomes a plus when you learn how to see 
Not too easy to learn, but quite easy when you know how. Learning how to see and visualize becomes a breeze when you tap into your imaginative resources. …

I am attaching a pencil drawing of Iswarya Rai (Renowned Indian Actress) made by me. I had a passion for drawing during my school days, which I had …

Let's Raise Drawing Standards 
There are countless drawings of people you can find on the internet, especially on Bing and Google images. Some of these are very good but the majority …

Quiet Time Fantasies 
Connor is a very creative and soulful child that Love's art

Memes Faces Gone Wild  
I'd like to make some comments about the new faze of memes cartoons or faces usually of some well-known personality. These "memes" are quite crude outline …

I met this lovely young girl just a week ago and was taken by her pretty face and her matching personality. I hope I have done her justice in this drawing. …

Ruined By Love... 
I hate myself for loving you!

The drawing I've done has no significant meaning when I started drawing it. But later I got stoned and looked close and came up with this interpretation. …

My Dream Girl Not rated yet
Hi All One day i was sitting in my music room and listening to melodies and after some time at a point of a song I imagined that if I draw anything …

Two in a Combo Not rated yet
Why we thought that there were two different sides of the generation so I have created them into one.

First Portrait for 20 Years Not rated yet
It's Bob doing what he did very well, smoking relaxing some were. I chose bob because his songs have been cheering me up since I was 12. Well the first …

Fine Sketches Not rated yet
Some of my amazing sketches!

Do you have a desire to create your own comics: Web Comics? Not rated yet
So do you have a passion for drawing comics with your own cartoon characters like super heroes? Can you Imagine creating, drawing, and coloring-in …

Rob Zombie Not rated yet
This is my favorite musical artist!

Ashwariya Rai Not rated yet
This is an Indian actress. I like her beauty. I am related to the institute. Your comments are welcome! June 3rd 2016

A Love Couple Not rated yet
It's a cartoon pic that shows love between a couple. Artist: Namita Banskota, Nepal

Surrealism: Getting to Know Salvador Dali Not rated yet
Salvador Dali was born in Figueras, Catalonia Spain on May 11, 1904. He is regarded as one of the most versatile and renowned artist of the 20th century. …

Do You Create From Reference Materials? Not rated yet
Many of us artists have voiced “I wish I’d have thought of that!” at some time or another when looking at a wonderful piece of original art. This thought …

Joy Not rated yet
It's my feeling..

Drawing From Photographs Not rated yet
If you are a beginner in the art of drawing, you might find it helpful to draw from photographs as they are really 2D as your drawings will be. If you've …

Hidden Talent Not rated yet
Never underestimate yourself! I always was the only one in my family that could not draw, picked up a pencil and just started drawing one day when i was …

With Respect Not rated yet
Great people remain in our hearts.

True Love Not rated yet
The love that never fails in the whole world even if you make mistakes.

All About Marc Chagall Not rated yet
Marc was born in Russia of a poor Jewish family. In his early life, he was apprenticed to one local artist whose name is not known. He then moved to …

Shaheed BHAGAT SINGH Not rated yet
Shahid BHAGAT SINGH Moderator Kim Langerman Hi Shahid, You need to write something about your drawings or paintings or something about yourself. …

Potrait Not rated yet
It's a portrait of famous Indian Bollywood heroine Deepika Padukone.

How to Draw The Human Form. Simple, Just a little Practice Not rated yet
All budding artists want to learn how to draw people – are you one of them? It’s not that easy. There’s a great deal going on with the human …

Mental Note Not rated yet
Original comic idea!

Jesus our Saviour Not rated yet
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Have You Ever Tried to Draw a Portrait? Not rated yet
It does take quite a lot of skill to get a likeness when drawing a portrait. You have to carefully assess proportions and start thinking in forms (like …

Follow Drawing Basics for Good Results Not rated yet
As you know, there are many genres in “The Arts” which would include literature, dance, oil painting, music, drawing and sketching, story writing and many …

Follow Drawing Basics for Good Results Not rated yet
As you know, there are many genres in “The Arts” which would include literature, dance, oil painting, music, drawing and sketching, story writing and many …

Why Would Anyone Want to Write about Art? Not rated yet
Indeed. Why Wouldn't They? I guess we all want to give our opinion, ideas and responses to clarify our thoughts behind it. Does it excite us or do …

Marilyn Monroe Not rated yet
I draw celebrities... What celebs do you like to draw? From Kim Langerman (Moderator)

David Hockney - Contemporary Artist Not rated yet
There's no need to believe what an artist says. Believe what he does; that's what counts. Hockney Some more art quotes here by famous artists: …

What's YOUR Favorite Drawing Artist? Not rated yet
There are many "old masters" who really knew how to make their pencils dance to create just the right effect. One of the great masters was Durer. He …

The Lady Not rated yet
This drawing had taken three weeks to complete. I use soft traditional pencils, but can vary from drawing to drawing as to what pencils I use. I use varying …

Tribute To A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Not rated yet
From Wikipedia: A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Born 15 October 1931 – 27 July 2015) was the 11thPresident of India from 2002 to 2007. A career scientist turned …

The Magician Not rated yet
This is my drawing of a magician and I just LOVE magicians and all their magical effects they can create. Harry Potter was a magician in so many ways, …

Gandhiji  Not rated yet
Gandhi, drawn by Mohammed From Wikipedia: "Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi Born 2 October 1869 – died 30 January 1948) was the preeminent leader of Indian …

Lord Ganesh Not rated yet
My first sketch. An auspicious begining.

Anushka Sharma  Not rated yet
My name is Devendra Singh Shaktawat and I have created a pencil sketch of Anushka Sharma.

Shiva The Supreme God Not rated yet
Shiva also known as Mahadeva ("The Great God") is a popular Hindu deity and is considered to be the Supreme God within Shaivism. (from Wikipedia)

Celebrity Drawings Not rated yet
Bridget Bardot.

Drawing The Female Nude Not rated yet
I belong to a drawing club and we have to sketch by the clock. The first pose is 30 seconds of which there are six poses and this goes up to half an hour. …

Barbara Palvin Not rated yet
My first colourful sketch...by Deepak Khajuria

Eleanor Roosevelt Portrait Drawing Not rated yet
Hello Artists, This is a sort of blog about my drawings. I hope you find it interesting. I sketched this portrait of Eleanor Roosevelt a few years back …

Drawing The Human Form Not rated yet
I've been attending classes on drawing the nude for awhile now and sometimes it seems easy and other times it can be frustrating. I tell you why; We …

African Tribal Costume Not rated yet
This sketch is created in pen and ink and pencil. I always use a fairly soft lead 3B to 6B as they give a nice soft tonal effect. The inks and pen give …

"Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Happiness"  Not rated yet
This is a drawing I did for the presidential debate in 2008 when John Kerry was running for president. Personally I am A-Political and neither Blue …

The Politician Not rated yet
The shadow of a politician... no comments, huh? By Carlos Mendes

The Girl Not rated yet
I used an HB pencil to to draw this girl who sat so calmly for this portrait. By Natheer Al-azzawi

My Art Subject : Portraits Not rated yet
Art Subject: Portrait...with nice blending brush and white coloured pencil using 4b/2b/10b pencils.

My Friend.... Not rated yet
I have drawn this using 2H, 2B, 4B pencils and paper stumps as shading tools on hard sketch pad.

MADE BY MAYURI  Not rated yet

Gesture Drawing Not rated yet
It has been said plenty of times that the best warm-up drawing exercise is gesture drawing. With a little practice this gives you more confidence …

Inspiration From Raja Ravi Varma Not rated yet
Raja Ravi Varma was an Indian artist from the princely state of Travancore (presently in Kerala) who achieved recognition for his depiction of scenes …

Anatomy of Drawing The Human Figure Not rated yet
To me, drawing the human figure is one of the most difficult subjects to draw. I think it takes more than a few years before your figure drawing looks …

The Tattoo Not rated yet
This is about the permanent design (tattoo) made on the back of a teenager. When you look at this picture, your eyes will stop at one particular …

New Face Not rated yet
In this drawing "New Face" I have focussed on facial sketching. It's not too great because I have had no guidance in this field. I want help from …

Speaking Pictures Not rated yet
I love sketching and deeply passionate about it. Drawing sketches as an illusion showing something from the outside but also having another meaning …

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