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Drawing is a vast subject and takes years or even decades to get to grips with—that is if you have the ambition to become a master of this craft.

 Do you have a favorite artist you like and admire? Go back to his or her earliest works and come forward in time and notice the change as the work of art becomes more masterful.

Even those artists like Vincent van Gogh who had a short life indeed—you'll notice the rapid changes in style and vigor.

The increasing confidence of these great masters—sometimes rapid and other times painfully slow, as their creativity progresses with their use of line in their sketches and careful observation of their subject matter.

It does take a lot of skill to observe the form accurately and transpose those lines into a great work of art.

The drawing media, usually a pencil, is not important in creating a work of art. You have probably noticed some old masters who have used a brush and oil paint for their artwork, painted onto a wooden support. Sometimes in those long gone years, canvas was not always readily available but the persistent artist always found a way.

Your understanding of drawing will grow as you progress together with your enjoyment. That implies you have an interest and loads of passion and if they are missing, well...

Drawing infiltrates every facet of life from ceramic design, buildings, furnishings, fashion design, cars and just about anything else you can think of. Sure, you can get assisted software to make your portrayals take off to new heights, a program like Corel Draw or Illustrator will save you hours of hand-drawn work and will look professional.

Sad to tell the tale, there are no shortcuts; the pc software can enhance your sketches but it can’t make you creative. You have to observe with some sort of accuracy, the shape and form you are drawing—especially if you want something realistic like human or animal forms. As I said, these skills can't be learned overnight, it takes sweat and dedication to become good unless you are doing it solely for pleasure.

We as artists, know that art rises above geographical boundaries with no barriers which make the work meaningful to most cultures on planet Earth. We do consider ourselves fortunate in this age of the internet where we can share our sketches within minutes anywhere in the world.

Most of us can find new visions when we have the guidance and tuition that in no way stultifies our creativeness, whereas the few truly gifted ones can by-pass this and shorten the learning curve considerably.

My quest is to help any individual who wants to learn the basics and aspires to take it to any heights he or she is reaching for.

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