The Elements of Drawing

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Elements of Drawing - Start in easy steps

Knowing the elements of drawing, even if you have said numerous times "I can't draw a straight line!" will no longer be a challenge to you. 

This will be the first time you will really get some great enjoyment especially when you see your first masterpiece come off the drawing board.

Nope, you will not be "straight line challenged" again when you learn how competent you have become.

Knowing the elements of drawing, even if you have said numerous times "I can't draw a straight line!" will no longer be a challenge to you. This will be the first time you will really get some great enjoyment especially when you see your first masterpiece come off the drawing board.

Nope, you will not be "straight line challenged" again when you learn how competent you have become.

You have probably seen many "How To Draw" videos on YouTube showing you how to draw in Nano seconds which leaves you bewildered.

Somebody said to me "These clips make me feel like a half-witted dumb miscreant!" Oh well, you can't please everyone!

For these ideas and some drawings, I have to give credit to Mona Brookes who is the author of "Drawing With Children" so please go to Google Images and see some of the before and after their first lesson. These are 3 year olds through to about 10 or eleven. You'll be amazed!

What is even more amazing are parents and teachers taking their drawing skills to much higher levels.

This is great for absolute beginners but I have to say I've never had professional drawing lessons - it's always been "yeah, I can draw that!" I've never read Betty Edwards' "How To Draw on the right side of the brain."  Why I say it is great for beginners is the results from kids and parents alike are outstanding - from being ordinary everyday "kids stuff"  — copies of other kids stuff to their own original drawings.

For teachers, I thoroughly recommend getter her book. (it is a little complicated for young kids.)

Becoming Aware of The Five Contour Shapes

These FIVE ELEMENTS give you all the information you need to creat ANY shape, size, complex or not. Here they are in the illustration below.

As you have studied these briefly, you will now know what to look for. Use as many of your senses as you can to look for these five basics. Remember, there is no wrong way or right way to draw.

  • The Dot Family: the difference here between the dot and the circle the dot is filled in with color whereas the circle is an outline only. A dot can be any size, very large or just a speck.
  • The Circle Family: this is the same shape and size of the dot.
  • The Straight Line Family: Don't think of the line as most do of being thin. A line can be thick, squat, or a series of straight line as in the example above.
  • The Curved Line: similar to the line family only it is bent or curved. See these curved lines as individual line - or as clumped lines.
  • The Angle Line Family: these are two straight lines joining together at some point. These angle lines are quite common you will notice in many drawings.

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