How To Draw

Cartoon Characters

With Simple Steps to Follow

Cartoon characters can be fun to draw...if you're in the right mood! And if you can just loosen upit, grab a pencil, think about Grandma as she is quite a character to draw, then start drawing.

Chances are you've read and watched your fair share of cartoons so show grandma's hooked nose or whatever shape it is, and draw!

This will shine through as you begin to draw your own. Cartoons are about character rather than trying to create a realistic drawing.

Here are some ways to get started.

If you're drawing a cartoon of a person, you might pick one feature and emphasize it. This might be the eyes, mouth or hair. Draw attention to that detail by making it slightly bigger and more detailed than the other features. Then things like clothing and ears can be suggested by more simple shapes.

Eyebrows add a lot of expression to your cartoon character. They can be delicate or bold, angry or excited. Eyebrows are so important that you even see them on animals in animated movies. They add so much and help to create a story. In general, cartoon character heads are a little larger than you might see in real life.

Hand gestures show a lot of character and motion. Hands can be tricky to draw, so don't be frustrated if they don't look perfect. You don't need to draw them in detail, since the character's facial expression is typically most important. Look at how other cartoons are drawn to see how you can suggest hands without having to labor over them. Many well-known cartoon characters wear gloves, and this can be easier to draw.

You can also add lines to show motion and emotions. For instance, we've all seen a character zooming away, with lines trailing behind them to suggest speed. Another type of effect is a squiggle mark over the head to show frustration or a light bulb over the head to show inspiration. You can always use thought bubbles or captions to show what your cartoon character is thinking or saying.

Have fun with this! There are no rules, just the ability to get started and use your imagination. Keep practicing and trying new things. Your cartoon characters can't wait to get on the page and say hello!

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