Cool Pencil Art Sketches
and How To Draw Them

Gorilla in King Kong: sketching and drawing for beginners

From being a simple doodle of lines and shapes, pencil art sketcheshas, through the years, developed the potential of creativity in the world of fine arts—and the ordinary world we live in.

Why don't you take pause and think about this? Everyday, we encounter a lot of things in our life that we neglect to see the importance of drawing and how widely and deeply it has influenced us.

Shall we take a peek?
The pencil has an impressive versatility to expand and explore your potential to countless creative ideas. An essential tool in drafting and illustrating, the pencil is a basic medium which should never be neglected because of its usefulness. Sketching is considered to be the basic of the first tangible step.

Got a pencil? Now get a piece of paper and draw lines and shapes, really doodle on that piece of paper. Can you see something else which is more than just a line or just a shape? Even through these hastily drawn seemingly senseless scribbles, an artist (you) can produce wonderful ideas. No kidding.

Observation with a little thinking out of the box is the key. Now can you see the bald guy with a long pointy carrot-shaped nose? Look at it again, maybe it is an owl? Or maybe you can see a witch from a Harry Potter movie? Turn it upside down and perhaps a moon-shape figure will appear.

Out of these shapes and lines, came the birthplace of ideas from buildings to kids toys. Every wondered how Mickey Mouse came to be? How did the Opera House in Sydney get its shape and design? Now, you get the idea?

You will begin to discover the endless possibilities within the shapes and forms within your sketchy doodles. They may seem abstract but take a closer look and you will discover a myriad of shapes you can identify with!

Drawings contribute to a lot of important things in our world.

It would be such a boring place without those designs, and they all come from pencil art sketches—perhaps some of these ideas will come from your sketchbook followed by fame? Whether you are studying medicine, a computer game developer, or a fashion designer, drawing has transformed technology and culture the way we never expected. Garfield, the Ninja Turtles, Barbie and Barney—where do you think they came from? Yep, from those doodles.

With entertainment, architecture, design, cartoons and your favorite bedtime story when you were five years old—all these could have come from sketches like yours.

The pencil is your good friend from the moment you are born. If you’re an artist, designer or illustrator, the pencil lives with you and stays with you—it's an extension of yourself.

You may become the greatest skilled painter, animator or whatever, pencil art sketching will never run out of its essence to your career. So keep those sketchbooks and treasure them, use them daily for they can take you further than you can imagine—they took Walt Disney to the stars.

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