Pencil Drawing of Roses:
Nature's Gift To The Art World

If roses are red and violets are blue then a Pencil Drawing of Roses is...good for you?

OK, OK, so we're not poets, but we do know a thing or two about the importance of the rose as an art form or object.

As a timeless symbol of love (cue: the Barry White music here...oh yeah), the rose is one of the most frequently used images in romantic art.

A great number of Valentine's Day cards, romance novel covers, skin art, renderings given as engagement, wedding and anniversary gifts, as well as 'lovey dovey' portraits and poster art, boast lovely, detailed visions of this flower. The scarlet rosebud in particular is a popular symbol of tenderness and affection between two people—who in all likelihood have not been married for too long. (LOL)

The rose is also seen as a symbol of womanhood and femininity. Not to be stereotypical, but many ladies do like to see this delicate floral—in shades of red or pink—on their dress patterns, accessories, furnishings, traditional artwork, stamping and craft projects, candles, home décor items, advertising art, and even on their business cards.

A red or pink rose in full bloom is often seen as a trademark of the feminine experience, and is often used in any media form geared toward females; whether it's a movie poster for a 'chick flick' or the illustrations featured in a women's magazine.

And, as it reigns among nature’s finest floral gems, roses are a prominent, irreplaceable part of environmental artwork. Every painting or etching that depicts a garden, forest, greenhouse, park or other outdoor scene is likely to feature at least one rose, or perhaps a full bouquet. So it's safe to say that if you can compose a beautiful and realistic Pencil Drawing of Roses, you soon will be seeing another popular, downright radiant emblem: specifically, the dollar sign. Indeed, an artist who draws a good rose will never run out of assignments or commissions.

One day you will be asked to whip up some ad art for a gardener or horticulturist or maybe a florist. The next you’ll be designing an ultra cool flower tattoo for a smitten college student. And the next you'll be painting a gorgeous rose painting as a present for a client's spouse.

Furthermore, you yourself may want to give a Pencil Drawing of Roses as a token of your own affection to a friend or loved one. After all, a gift of art will last longer than an actual bouquet, and even people with allergies and hay fever can enjoy it (bonus!) And, unlike a pricey floral arrangement, it will cost you nothing to give this rendering; this picture that captures the outright splendor of nature’s greatest gem.

Here are a few simple steps on how to draw a flower


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