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Sketches of flowers drawn realistically has always been a favorite among famous and not-so-famous artists throughout history. Vincent van Gogh did not paint his "Sunflowers" realistically at all but they certainly had impact for originality.

Being sensitive to all the subtle nuances in sketching flowers takes years of experience. Sorry folks, there are no shortcuts when it comes to creating flowers with a pencil or pen that looks like the real thing. If you can almost smell the fragrance oozing from the soft gossamer-like petals, you know the artist has created something special.

Here is a brief outline on how to get the best results on sketching flowers creatively. These are just the basic-basic steps and from here, your drawings should become easier. Scroll down the page and get some ideas to start off with.

  • If you are beginning, the first step is to get a live flower, not a photograph or illustration. Choose the simplest one you can find which should be a five petal daisy or something similar.
  • Looking at this 5 petal flower full on, you'll notice it is almost round. Now tilt it away from you and you will now notice it is an oval shape. It is a bit like holding up a piece of paper that you hold up in front of you—it looks rectangle. Now hold it so you can only see the edge—it should look like a straight line. It is called perspective.
  • Now draw a full circle free hand which is the overall basic shape of the daisy.
  • When looking at your 5 petal daisy dead-on from the front, notice the middle which is usually the corolla tube surrounded by 5 stamens. Here, draw a small circle about one-tenth the size of the flower's diameter.
  • Next sketch in 5 radiating lines (faintly please as these are only guide lines) outwards from the center. On the outer circle you have drawn, place a dot approx half way between the lines.
  • Now comes your drawing skills: from the dot, draw a small 'S' shape to connect the dot with your straight line. Do this from all five dots. Nothing is perfectly round in nature so a few wobbly lines enhances your sketch.

Get your softer pencil (make sure it is sharpened) and go over your rough sketch lines making the line much darker. Also do the same with the center of the flower.

  • Rub out your guide lines and draw a stem, just a slight elongated curved line. See the drawing here to show you how it should look.
  • Once you have mastered the full-on drawing of your daisy, now try the "perspective" view. The same rules apply as with your fully round one.

Scroll down and copy some of these sketches of flowers

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