Surrealist Artist Salvador Dali

by Molly Krugers
(East Rand)

Salvador Dali is one of my favorite artist, who, as you know, is a famous Spanish artist from the 20th century.

Dali became famous for a style of art known as Surrealism which depicted very abstract scenes and elements that often did not seem to go together.

Some of Dali’s most famous works were in fact inspired by his own dreams. The movement began in the 1920s, and Dali is considered the most famous figure to be a part of it.

There are some things you should know about Dali. He was born in a Northeastern Spanish town very close to the French border on in May 1904. I know that he showed a penchant for art all throughout his childhood and attended several art academies in early adulthood. He began to gain fame as an artist in the 1920s, displaying an avant-garde style that combined elements of several other types of art.

I think it’s interesting to note that one of these styles included cubism, made famous by fellow Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. Why do I think Salvador Dali ultimately became famous? I think that it has to do with his personality.

Throughout his entire life Dali was considered to be eccentric, sometimes arrogant. He was very confident in his artwork and his abilities but he also had trouble relating to others. This gave his artwork a certain type of mystique. People often felt they were penetrating into the mind of a very unique, isolated individual.

His works often had large, dry, sandy expanses with odd and sometimes sexual objects in the foreground. I think people were shocked by his work as well as his character. I feel as though his most famous work is The Persistence of Memory, a painting which shows several clocks in the foreground of a desert-like background. The clocks are unique because they appear to be made of liquid and seem to be melting.

Art critics were impressed with the vast variety of discussion that the work created. The interpretation of Dali’s works generates as much discussion as the works themselves, which is a large part of his legacy.

His eccentric, sometimes arrogant personality combined with his truly unique and somewhat shocking style of art left him a legacy that lives on to this day. Surely he serves as an inspiration for many artists today who look to create everlasting emblems of human creativity?

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Oct 09, 2012
by: Selma Adacio

Salvador is one of my favourites also and I especially like "The Triangular Hour" with its unusual setting in a great space, almost like being in a time warp.

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