Tattoo Sketches and Drawings

 Can Be a Work of Art

Do You Want To Look More Beautiful?

Tattoo sketches can be beautiful pieces of artwork for your body that can be tailor-made to suit your gorgeous shape.

They can be intricate designs for specific areas of your body from head to toe. Check out some of the Sketches here!

Classic US Bald EagleClassic US Bald Eagle

There are many benefits of having your tattoo ideas drawn by a professional artist, but there’s a myriad of designs to choose from on the internet. Any one of these can be modified to your own personal style.

Bald Eagle Motif Used in The Oval OfficeBald Eagle Motif Used in The Oval Office
Eagle in Attacking ModeEagle in Attacking Mode

Your Tattoo Becomes a Unique Design
By going through the books in a tattoo parlour, you know that someone else has the identical tattoo as you. Now you don’t want that, do you? By opting for your own design, it is unique to you. Sure, get ideas from the internet and you’ll find literally millions of them to choose from.  However, you will need to check with the tattoo parlour as some reserve the right to place your design in their catalogue for future clients. Of course, if it is very personal, it is going to be much harder for someone else to find a reason to use it!

This Will Make a Wonderful Tattoo on Your BackThis Will Make a Wonderful Tattoo on Your Back
An Indian ChiefAn Indian Chief Shows No Fear

Your Design Is Personal to You
Tattoo sketches made for you can be your girlfriend’s, your grandmother’s name (oops) woven in with your favorite animal (your grandmother and a bear? Nah! Not so cool). Could it be a mix of symbols as a memory for your family members?  

While you could get this from the catalogue in a tattoo parlour, it will be much harder for them to adapt an idea to make it personal. It is often better to start with a blank canvas and have all your own ideas rolled into one. Draw or copy some sketches from this site as a starter then get creative. 

A Fierce Predator To Have as FriendA Fierce Predator To Have as Friend

Make it a Piece of Body Art
You have this wonderful tattoo sketch and it looks GREAT! But how is it going to look on your back or wherever? There are zillions of tattoos on bodies around that look pretty awful with dull colors, smudgy images looking like some poor abstract design. So choose something that is going to keep its beautiful shape until you reach 80 years – then it won’t matter!

A Lynx - One of the Big CatsA Lynx is One of The Big Cats
A Tiger From IndiaA Large Cat From India

If you’re worried about needles, if the colors are going to suit that new outfit - or not sure whether a tattoo is for you, your preliminary sketches can become a piece of art. You can have them scaled down to show your friends to get their opinion – or do a 9x12 inch copy to hang on your wall; after a week you may think it is great or it has to go into the trash can.  You could even use it as an idea for a mural in your home, a Christmas card for mom, a Valentine card for your dearest one.

Just because your ideas were originally designed with a tattoo in mind, doesn’t mean they have to be used as that.

Tattoo sketches offer the ability to create something that is meaningful to you. Use your ideas and your wishes to create something that you are proud of.  A tattoo is for life and costs a lot of money so this makes sure you have something you are proud of.

Another Excellent Design For TattooGive That Macho Look With this Tattoo

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