The Language of Art and Drawing

by Simon Everett

One of the big challenges for the emerging artist is getting to know and really understand the language of art.

These are purely my opinions from teaching art for a few decades. As artists we have to look beneath the surface of what we are drawing or painting.

In the art of today, it is difficult for the average Joe Doe to understand or perceive even slightly the artwork he is standing in front of in the art museums or 5th Avenue galleries. I am talking about contemporary and abstract art here.

All art must communicate to its target audience otherwise you may as well leave your art in the attic studio where no one will see it.

The style of art seen in your local art market—the Kincaid stuff—does register with the broad masses but there is nothing original you will find. So why not purchase a giclée print or photograph, it says pretty much the same thing.

An artist's job is to make a statement about something not seen anywhere before, a truly original piece of art. Now this is rare indeed even in the top art galleries.

Representational art, like super-realism, can be creative and partly original. Impressionism can also be quite original in today's artworld like Lucian Freud where color and brushstrokes make the difference.

So my advice to the beginning student is to look beneath the surface and "feel" with your mind's eye in 3D space.

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