What's YOUR Favorite Drawing Artist?

by Bernardo

Durer Drawing in Pencil and Pen

Durer Drawing in Pencil and Pen

Durer Drawing in Pencil and Pen Rembrandt Rubens Durer

There are many "old masters" who really knew how to make their pencils dance to create just the right effect.

One of the great masters was Durer. He could use soft pen studies of young women to stronger, harsher lines for aged men.He did a self portrait when he was 13 years old in 1484 - whew! That was over 530 years ago! He also did a drawing of an old man of 93 which was signed and dated 1521. This was for a study for "Saint Jerome" done in brush and grey tinted paper.

I jump a few hundred years now to a real master with the graphite pencil and pen; His full name is Rembrandt Harmensz Van Rijn - 1605 - 1669. Some of his drawings worth studying:

The Good Samaritan
Joseph interprets Pharaoh's Dream which is a very small drawing.
Birth of John the Baptist
Adoration of the Wise Men

Peter Paul Rubens is one of my favorites. He was a Flemish artist 1577 - 1640. He used a full range of tones (values) using crayons where he heightened the form with white.

If you are interested in the history of the "Old Masters", their drawing and even what they did when they were not painting. Some of them have a fascinating history.

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