2 drawings

by Shawn M. Brooks
(Sandy, Utah)



Robert Downey Jr.

I have just started drawing about 2 months ago. I took it up as a stress relief.

These 2 drawings I don't particularly think are that great, but I'm no critic. I've never taken an art class, but wanted to get someone else's opinion.

My first one is a photo of a battered woman from a black and white photography book by Annie Leibovitz. The second is Robert Downey Jr. from a web site.

Thanks Shawn for your contribution. It is good to hear that drawing relieves your stress—a lot of people find that to be true.

Your two drawings are well executed for someone who has only been at it for two months. My suggestion is to purchase a sketch book, a few pencils (HB and a 2B) and sketch daily all the things that are around you. Sketch from objects rather than photos—you'll see quite a difference after a few weeks! Good luck and stay tuned!


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