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Many people believe that drawing is easier said than done. What is worse, they often think about it even before picking up a pen or pencil. If you give a child a pencil, you can expect him or her to draw something. And while it might get messy, you never know – he/she might just be the next Pablo Picasso.

Drawings Of FlowersDrawings Of Flowers
Portrait of ManPortrait of Man in Pencil

Of course, you cannot be like a Rembrandt overnight.

You need time and lots of practice. Heck, even the best painters in the world worked hard just to get into where they are now. The same thing can be said for you. If these guys can, so can you!

To help you boost your confidence – and actually start crafting something creative – give these easy ways to draw a try. It is time to start sketching!

Dinosaur Un-named, Scaly but adorableDinosaur Un-named, Scaly but adorable

#1. Start With Simple 3D Shapes

All of the drawings you see around you start with the simplest of shapes. They could be anything from squares to triangles to circles. But instead of the conventional ones, you can start drawing 3D shapes like a cone or ball. You have the ability to perfect your drawings and create odd shapes. From there, you can start sketching shadows and/or experimenting with light sources from various directions.

#2. Go For Simple Cartoon Characters

Just like simple 3D shapes, you can go around messing with simple cartoon characters. And like every child in the world, you also have your favorite cartoon character.

This is where you are going to start learning how to draw it. It holds true that most, if not all, of these characters are made of simple shapes and lines. However, the more complex ones can be drawn by understanding the basic structure that essentially makes up their bodies.

You can go from copying a character that is sitting or drawing the one that is in a posing style. It is really up to you, but make sure you go into different perspectives. If you find it difficult at first, do not force yourself. Just go by it day and night.

#3. Think About Still Life

In case you did not know, Still Life basically refers to an artwork that focuses on inanimate common objects. It could either be natural or man-made. A common one to draw is a table setting, which has fruits, bottles, and other household objects on top of it. Believe it or not, it is actually a great concept to jump-start inspiration. All you have to do is look around and find an object you like and start drawing.

#4. Don’t Forget the Body Parts

Let’s say you have gone your way from sketching Still Life. Now is the time to consider drawing body parts. Besides, they are something that you can always have for references. And the more you see them, the more they can be retained in your mind. In other words, you can become better in drawing them. There is no need to draw the entire body or face. You can always start with the nose, ears, or mouth.

#5. Why Not Broad Landscapes

Do not be easily rattled by the idea of drawing picturesque landscapes. In fact, it is best if you first forget the many intricate details found on grasses, leaves, or fields, just to name a few. Instead of focusing on smaller details, you can start sketching the broader masses. You can go for mountains, buildings, trees, or anything that is broad or massive.

You do not have to be borne with great drawing skills in order to become great at drawing. With time and practice, there is no stopping you from becoming the next big artist in the USA.

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