5 Easy Ways to Draw

Follow With These Simple Steps

Start With Simplicity 

Many people often claim that they cannot draw even before they attempt to pick up a pen or pencil.  

Put a pencil into a babies hand and he/she will start drawing. Sure, your wall may get a bit messed up but who cares if you have another emerging Picasso?

Above is a simple drawing of a stylized angel. 

It has simple shapes like the head, wings and body!

There are unlimited things to draw. Don't be one of them as we can all draw—maybe not like Rubens or Leonardo until we’ve had a little practice!

Realize that anyone can create masterpieces—if babies can do it, so can you. We are all gifted to create stunning images but we’ll require constant practice to become a star.

We all get discouraged if we listen too much to our peers—tell them to take a hike because the art of drawing is very simple. All you have to do is start with basic shapes and build on it with simple lines and curves. Your imagination is unlimited, right? So get cracking with your lines.

To boost your confidence, try these 5 easy things first:

Basic Cylinder ShapeBasic cylinder for drawing practice

Simple 3D Shapes

Every drawing starts with simple shapes made up of rectangles, triangles and circles, among other shapes. If you're bored with such pre-school drawings, you can start drawing 3D versions of these shapes like a box, a ball or a cone.

You can perfect your drawing or attempt to skew some sides to create odd shapes. You can then attempt to draw shadows and experiment with light sources from different directions.

Later on, mix various shapes together and play with perspective.

Still Life

Still life refers to artwork focusing on inanimate common objects whether man-made or natural. One of the most popular pictures to draw is a table setting with bottles, fruits, wine glasses and other household objects. This is a good concept to try especially when you're looking for inspiration, as all you have to do is look around you and you'll find your subject

Simple Cartoon Characters

Every child has a favorite cartoon character and you can start learning to draw yours. While many characters are just made of simple lines and shapes, the more complex ones can be easily drawn by analyzing the basic structure that makes up their bodies first.

Consider copying an image of your character in static pose like sitting or standing. You can then proceed by copying images where your characters are moving until such time that you're comfortable drawing them without copying anything.

Body Parts

The reason body parts are among the many things to draw is because you can check out your own all the time for references.

The more you see them, the more the images are retained in your mind and the better your drawing will be each time. You don't have to draw your entire body or your whole face right away.

You just have to observe one part, such as the hand, and try to draw it on paper just like copying a picture. You can then experiment with different perspectives, lighting effects and even movements. If you find it a bit difficult, try copying a few hands from Google images.

Broad Landscapes

You don't have to freeze in panic when drawing picturesque landscapes. For starters, forget about the minute details of the leaves on the trees, the grasses on the field and the rough edges of the rocks. In others words, forget all the smaller details—draw in the broad masses.

Just start with the big, rough strokes for the more obvious objects in the scene such as the mountains, the horizon line, the fields and even the large trees. For now, draw the grasses in quick, short lines, the leaves in rough zigzags, and the clouds in fluffy random curves.

 You don't have to develop a phobia on drawing, telling everyone that you can't do it even before you try. Start with the easy ones and experiment from time to time. With constant practice, you will soon realize that drawing complex images is a breeze.

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