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Pencil Drawing of Cargo ShipPencil Drawing of Cargo Ship

One of the most accessible ways to make art is by making use of the first love of all professional and amateur artists alike: The pencil. Learning how to make easy pencil sketches is the best way for an individual to get started on the track to becoming an artist. It is the easiest way to go, really.

The material you require to start pencil sketching is not too much and you can pretty much do it at any time. Everybody from the most basic level to the most advanced level loves to use pencil and even those who are not artists (those who haven’t tried to explore their artistic side yet, that is) know very well how to handle a pencil.

Easy Pencil Art Sketches Are For Everybody

Everybody’s used pencils in their childhood. While it is true that even those who have been using pencils for writing for the longest time, it’s difficult to make the actual consideration of making art.

It can be intimidating but what we’re trying to tell you is that it really isn’t. This list is going to help you equip yourself well so that you can get started on learning how to make easy pencil art sketches.

Getting Down to What You Need

Now of course before you start, you need to take a look at what materials you’re going to need, right?


Yes, yes. When you’re going to make easy pencil art sketches, the pencil is obviously something you’ll need but the real question is what kind of pencil should you use?

Pencils used mostly in Drawing and SketchingPencils used mostly in Drawing and Sketching

What do you mean which ‘kind’ of pencil?

If you’re just starting out, you might find this information useful. There are actually several different kinds of pencils out there.

The pencil which is most commonly used for writing is called the standard number 2 pencil. Three are basically two different categories of pencils: The “H” and the “B” pencils.

To talk about them very briefly, the “B” pencils are soft and the ”H” pencils are hard. With the number of the pencil, for instance 2B or 3B, the pencil’s softness or hardness increases. Depending on how hard or how soft the pencil is, you can determine the right combination of pencils to use for making easy pencil art sketches.

Don’t worry too much about the kind of pencil that much. You should know this very basic information so that you know which pencil does what. When you’re buying the pencils, get a bunch of them with varying degrees of hardness and softness to test them out yourself. It’s better to have more options available for when you start making easy pencil art sketches.

Image of pencil sharpeners showing 2 variationsPencil sharpener

Pencil Sharpeners

Getting a good sharpener for your pencil is as important as getting good pencils themselves when it comes to making easy pencil art sketches.

Never for once think that getting a good pencil sharpener is a waste of money. You can’t make an easy pencil art sketch if your pencil is not sharpened, right?

Ideally, you should go for a pencil sharpener with two open ends. They’re ideal because each end sharpens the pencil tip to a different degree. You can have it excessively sharp or less pointy depending on your need while making your easy pencil art sketch.

An Eraser

Okay this really does not need a lot of explanation. You should have a handy eraser for the mistakes you might make when making easy pencil art sketches.


Ah yes, the paper. It’s the surface where your easy pencil art sketches are going to be made. Even when it comes to paper there are loads of different kinds of paper available for you to make easy pencil art sketches on.

Invest in a cheaper paper when you are starting out. This is because it’s pretty much useless to invest in the best quality papers.

Even professionals invest in low quality paper. That’s because cheaper paper is the best to test out new ideas to try out before getting to the actual thing.

You’re Good To Go

Now that you’ve got the basic understanding of the things that you’re going to need before you start easy pencil art sketching, you’re good to go and explore. 

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