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Drawing Pencil Sketches Newsletter, Issue #007
November 01, 2011
Hello Fellow Artist

Drawing Pencil Sketches
Newsletter November 2011

This month's newsletter we're going to chat about last months’ competition followed by a few tips and tricks for beginners. I want to ask my fellow artists what they'd like to read about in these newsletters: There are many things we all need to know, to learn—even the professionals, they're always learning and always creating (well nearly.) So let me hear from you through the contact page here, I will always respond to your questions.

October Competition
Well, drawers, doodlers and sketchers, there were NO SUBMISSIONS for the month of October at all, not one. Nobody wanted a prize! I thought maybe there would be a few artists interested in submitting their work. Nope. Honestly, do you think the prize money was not enough to warrant sending in a digital image? There was no competition (no applicants) for October, so how about November? Do you want to try?

Okay, tell you what. Let's run another competition for this month of November. By submitting, you do agree to the rules I've outlined below. This is open to all artists at all levels of ability.

Choose any one of these subjects to draw in pencil, pen or charcoal (on white paper): Still Life or Flowers or any common object found around the house. All drawings must be your own original work. Submit here and mark "November Drawing Competition" followed by the title of your drawing and your name. All entries will be published on this site and on Flickr giving every entrant good exposure.

When taking a picture of your drawing please ensure the lighting is adequate so a good image is obtained. Please do not use a cell phone camera, the quality is usually poor. Write a few words about your drawing/s, what inspired you and a few words about yourself. Results will be published in the December Issue. Prize will be $25.00 for the first and $10.00 for the second. This competition closes on November 25th - no drawings will be accepted after that date.

Go Here For The Competition

Tips and Tricks
What media should beginners start with in their Drawing? Well, any media that requires little skill, is easy to apply and relatively cheap.

Draw as freely and uninhibited as your can—you are not trying to produce a masterpiece or impress anyone with your drawing skills. The key here is to get the "feel" of your media and apply your ideas direct, no fiddling with outlines—going over your lines multiple times. One bold line can make a clean and dynamic statement whereas multiple lines (when you are trying to "get it just right") give an amateurish look.

A soft pencil (2B) or charcoal should be your first choice followed by a felt tip pen. You will also need an eraser, a pencil sharpener and a cheap newsprint 12”x18” sketchpad. That's it.

Charcoal give a rich black line, is easy to apply and gives a soft blend of values from black to white. If you feel a little timid with pencils, I suggest you use charcoal, this will give you a more relaxed attitude towards your drawing. Try various angles when holding your charcoal sticks; vary the pressure to get thick and thin lines as well as hard and soft lines.

You can create a wide range of dark's and light's from white to black with multiple textures. See the images below and practice a few of these; this is where your drawing comes to life.

Have fun drawing, I'd love to see your work showcased here. Please do write if you have any comments or questions.

Thanks, Jon

Go Here For The Competition

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