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Drawing Pencil Sketches Newsletter, Issue #006
September 01, 2011
Hello Fellow Artists
Your September Newsletter

A Room of One’s Own:
The Ultimate 'Drawing Room'

Every artist needs a quiet, organized place in which to create their masterpieces. And if you are like many of us artistic types, your 'art space’\' may be the only truly 'quiet' and 'organized' part of your life—so let's make it count:) Here are some basic steps that might help you set up and customize your own artist's studio:

  • Pick an area in your home that is not often frequented by family members. This could be a den, a spare room, or a basement.

  • Collect all of the art supplies that you need to fill this special space, including easels, drawing pencils and paints, and sketchpads.

  • Find and place all the furniture, including stools, chairs and a desk, that will make your studio usable and comfortable.

  • The final step involves the creation of all of the beautiful renderings and paintings that will fill, justify and beautify your own personal 'drawing room.'

      Drawing a New World: The Need for Quality Comic Book Heroines

      Let's face it, gals rule these days! With a female secretary of state, three Supreme Court justices, and tons of women leaders around the world, we have pretty much shattered the glass ceiling. Ah, but if we can lead the world, why can't we save it from nefarious evildoers and yucky green aliens (I mean, don't you just hate it when the universe gets threatened by really mean creatures that are also downright gross)? In other words, why don't we see more kick-butt comic book heroines?

      Throughout the vast and varied history of animated art, a few great super heroines have emerged to star in their own hand drawn adventures. No one would mess with Wonder Woman, Elektra or the Mighty Isis; and, as an artist, you may well have been inspired by both their indomitable strength and by the detail and overall quality of their artistic interpretations.

      So let that inspiration motivate you, Ms. Georgia Steinem O’Keeffe; create your own comic book heroine!

      In drawing the image of this special character, you indeed can use classic icons like Wonder Woman and Supergirl as your role models; but you also can look to your personal heroines for additional inspiration.

      If your favorite teacher or doctor changes the world with her techniques and contributions, if your mom is a courageous career woman who can make you clean your room in a single bound, then chances are that she'd make great fodder for a super heroine.

      And when you sign your first big contract with Marvel or DC, you can give her an autographed copy of your revolutionary, woman-centered super hero comic.

      Growing your Garden...on Canvas

      So you're a big fan of flora and fauna, but—as it happens—most flowers and plants tend to have an annoyingly short life span while under your care. No worries; as a talented artist you can still draw or paint a beautiful garden on your canvas.

      As a sketcher with a fair amount of experience and a great deal of talent, you probably got your start doing floral drawings of various varieties. So to sketch a full garden, you may want to draw miniature versions of your favorite floral gems; whether they are royal red roses or pure yellow marigolds, ivory orchids or golden sunflowers. Draw them together with paints or colored pencils, placing and color coordinating them in much the same way you would the nature made components of an actual garden.

      Place your garden against a lovely background of fragrant fields, a beautiful house and/or an azure blue sky; soon you will have a radiant landscape that you won't have to plant, seed or water—and that you can't possibly kill! That's a bonus!

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