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Drawing Pencil Sketches Newsletter, Issue #003
June 15, 2011
Hello Fellow Artists,

The goal at is to keep an open forum for artists to share technique and get the answers to tough artistic questions. Every artist gets a temporary brain freeze when it comes to tackling new art projects and how to express themselves through imagery. Only another artist is going to understand you, so feel free to open up and talk about what's on your mind.

Some of the most common issues for artists of all ages and skill levels are hot topics of conversation within a tight artistic community. You can rest assured that whatever art issue is on your mind, other artists are thinking the exact same thing.

Sometimes an artist is afraid to discuss their work in fear that someone else will steal their ideas. This rarely happens due to the unique concept and vision that each of us possess and only our own hand can bring to life.

Art communities used to be restricted to geographical niches such as Greenwich Village, Laguna Beach, etc. However, online art communities make it easier than ever to find and bond with other artists to strengthen your own artistic vision and gain valuable feedback from like minded individuals.

A cohesive art community may be the ultimate type of club as it is chock full of creative people that can make things happen in the world. So, let's hear what you have to say about your next art project. From absolute beginner to expert artist, everyone has valuable input that is going to encourage and inspire others. Some of the most common questions and issues in an artist's life include:

  • How To Get Inspired and Make the First Line on the Canvas

  • How To Learn the Basics Of Drawing

  • How To Create Depth With Shading Techniques

  • Ideas For Creative Composition

  • Effective Use Of Coloring Techniques

  • How To Add Motion and Drama to Animation

  • How to Story Board Your Animation

  • What is Fantasy sketching?

  • How to Make Money From Your Art

  • How to Make Faces and Figures Appear Real

  • How to Get Ideas For Abstract Art

  • What Brushes and Pencils Should I Use?

  • Hey, What Are Other Artists Up To?
Your comments and feedback are welcome: also, if you have some of your artwork you'd like to display here, we'd all love to see it.
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