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Drawing Pencil Sketches Newsletter, Issue #001 -- teaser here
May 01, 2011

Drawing Pencil Sketches Newsletter

Thank you for subscribing to this first newsletter from All newsletters will pertain to sketching and drawing, techniques on how to draw—all of which will be for beginners to intermediate artists, students, and people who love to draw.

In these monthly newsletter we'll cover the following list of subjects artists like but if you have a specific idea on what should be discussed, please email me and we'll add it into this newsletter.

• How to draw lifelike figures • The fundamentals of drawing • Problems with perspective drawing • Using charcoal effectively • Basic sketching techniques • Creating emotional impacts with your drawing • 10 ideas on drawing pencil sketches • Drawing the things you love • Speaking volumes with fewer lines • Why draw figures? • Drawing landscapes • Ink drawing, modern techniques • Fantasy sketching • Kids drawing

We'll also cover drawing and sketches by the old masters, from Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Durer and many others.

In my art group, many people have asked me about using a tablet to sketch with on a computer—also from photo to sketch using Photoshop filters. The results usually are mechanical and do not have a unique style and therefore look what they are—boring with no character or style. If you see Rembrandt's quick sketches you will see they can never be reproduced on a computer no matter how great the software is. They have a character all their own. There is no substitute for using a pencil on your sketchpad for jotting down ideas immediately—they are bound to be far superior to any drawing robotically produced on a PC.

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