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Drawing Pencil Sketches Newsletter August 2014
August 01, 2014
Hi Fellow Artists

Elements of Art and Drawing

I want to thank all the new subscribers this past month, I hope you find lots of useful information. If there is anything you would like to see-- -- drawings, sketches or "how-to's" How to draw this or that etc. let me know. Artwork is a vast subject and takes a lifetime just to know a fraction of what is available.

There is a lot on the Drawing Pencil Sketches site covering the elements of art – so if you are not familiar with these basics, please start here. It would be helpful to me if you can give me feedback on the progress – or lack of progress you are having. I am always here to help you – so shoot me an email if you are having problems with your drawings.

My suggestion for the recent subscribers here is to visit Pinterest drawings, there are hundreds of "boards" (boards you pin your images on) where you can learn much about how the real professionals draw and paint. Select those drawings you like and copy a few to gain experience.

What is popular on site is how many people on this list are copying celebrity photos AND doing a very nice job of it. If that’s how you like to draw, continue, then load them up on site here!

Where do you get inspiration from? Well, I guess you could get inspiration from other artists' drawings or paintings, you can get them from just looking around your room or it could come from your imagination – that's probably the best way to start. When I went to high school many decades ago, we were lucky to have the whole day sketching one day a week.

Many of my buddies there were hopeless at drawing (I didn’t think so but they did) so I used to help then out by drawings the overall structure of the scene and handed it back for them to put in all the details. They loved doing it this way as it was a big help AND I was overloaded with cookies and sweets and my mother wondered why I was putting on so much weight! The secret never got out though.

So for the newbies here, start off with pure old fashioned doodling; once your pencil is flowing nicely put some ideas in your mind – example, a leaf, then doodle what you think I leaf should look like. Just doodle it in and nobody is going to judge your drawing except you! If you think it is good, then show it off to your friends and family – and upload it here.

Yours in an artful way,


Free Guide To Drawing Here in PDF format

PS: Have fun drawing, I'd love to see your work showcased here. Please do write if you have any comments or questions especially when you upload your drawings, just a few words will do about you and your drawings.

PPS: Please check your email address for typos...too many bounce and your free e-book will be lost in cyberspace!


PPS: If you do not recieve your monthly newsletter, please check your spam box.

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