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Drawing Tutorial Number One, January 2014
February 01, 2014

Free Drawing Lessons For 2014

DPS in the title here is really an acronym for Drawing Pencil Sketches and that is because the full title does not fit in.

There is a very interesting discussion taking place in a few junior schools; the kids are around 11 years to about 15 years and the question posed to these kids was "What is the meaning of the word "color" or "Can you describe what color is?"

The answer is not "red or green or blue" as they ARE COLORS THEMSELVES. I've looked at this and it is not an easy answer.

The internet dictionary defines it as "the quality of an object or substance with respect to light reflected by the object"

Does that give you any ideas of what color really is? How can that be the "quality" of an object? You see the dictionary definition is confusing.

Sure, if you did not have light reflected off the surface of the object it would not contain any color, right?

In the next Newsletter in March 2014, I will attempt to answer this question which will be my opinion only.

These kids were also asked their definition of "time" but we won't go into that now but questions like these opens up your minds' creativeness.

Towards the end of this month (February 2014) I will be putting up another free drawing lesson which still covers the basic, basics of drawing but I will touch on three-dimensional drawings and how to be effective in making objects appear closer or further away.

This will be very useful information both in your drawings and paintings. So stay tuned and don't forget to subscribe to the RSS for daily tips on drawing brought to you by other authors or myself.

Yours in Creative Drawings


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