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Drawing Pencil Sketches Newsletter, February 2013
February 01, 2013

Your Own Drawing Site Gallery

  Dear Artists & Friends,

Thank you for submitting you drawings this past month, I am quite impressed with the standard of drawing – keep it up! You may have noticed when you have received your email with the URL of your submission, that there is a Pinterest icon which means you can pin your artwork on their board.

If you sign up with Pinterest (it's free) your drawing can then be re-pinned by others and each time it gets pinned there is a link back to your page. It is good to have lots of exposure and this is one simple way to do it. I've added the Pinterest icon under every image which takes you directly to their site. Try it, see if you like it.

Also, those artists who have submitted a drawing more than once, can now be made as one page making your pages almost like a mini site which is entirely yours. Add to it whenever you can as many as you like. Let me know what you think of this.

Now the bad news: This past month there have been several drawing submitted which are in bad taste including a few profanities. This is not okay. As this is a young adult site (including many small children), these submissions will be deleted and the subscribers banned from this site.

When you submit your drawings (you can upload a maximum of four) please ensure it is taken in a good light so your drawing can be clearly seen, and cropped as we do not need to see the layout of your kitchen or washing on the line – so please crop it before sending it on. Thanks.

As you are all artists (you are, aren't you?) please write a few lines about your drawings, if you had problems, what you like about them and also a bit about yourself. People can then identify with you and your work.

Have a GREAT February and lots of fun drawing!


Free Guide To Drawing Here in PDF format

PS: Have fun drawing, I'd love to see your work showcased here. Please do write if you have any comments or questions especially when you upload your drawings, just a few words will do about you and your drawings.

PPS: Please check your email address for typos...too many bounce and your free e-book will be lost in cyberspace!


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