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Drawing Pencil Sketches Newsletter, January 2013
January 01, 2013

Drawing Pencil Sketches
Newsletter January 2013


Artists, Friends and Family, welcome to this months' newsletter

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Drawing Pencil Sketches Newsletter January 2013

This past year has been quite wonderful due to uploading your drawing and sketching contributions on this site. Thank you, keep it up!

The New Year is going to be even better with many more "How-To" videos to help your drawing skills improve. Subscribe to the RSS feed and you will know when these video clips are loaded on YouTube or on this site.

Below are some of the new pages we've put in recently which have been on your "wish list" for a while. Take a peek and let me know if they are of any help to you.

Dog Sketches, Rose Drawings, Heart Drawings, and strangely enough How to draw a rat like many of the animal drawings here! Christmas Drawings hit the top of the charts last month with thousands of visitors—so before December arrives this year, create a few Christmas drawings where you can put a link back to your own blog or website.

At the request of a few subscribers on how to draw girls, (mainly faces) I've put this page on site which is basically Manga/Anime style which some of you can draw quite well. This page is now rapidly climbing the charts – so thank you for that.

Drawing the face is quite simple compared to drawing the figure which takes a lot of skill and knowledge of human anatomy to get it looking great! Soon I will be putting up a simpler page on how to draw the figure although I do have a page on this but it is not comprehensive enough.

If you are struggling and in need of any particular aspect of your drawing, do please contact me and I’ll be glad to help—there is no charge for this service. Any of you love to draw cartoons? You like Anime and Pikachu or any other Japanese style? Then submit them to me and if I publish them on site, you will be paid for them – and you will retain the copyright ownership of the artwork. That's fair, right? Contact me for more information.

There is quite a difference between subjective and objective drawing. Subjective drawing embraces the artists’ emotions—how she feels about line and color, about balance and form. Objective drawing is where information is more important than how the artist feels about her work of art. Examples of objective art; an architectural drawing or a road map to show someone directions. Here the artist does not give a hoot about emotions or feelings.

This New Year, my suggestion would be to draw with your feelings, you'll be quite surprised at your quality of your pencil lines especially if you draw with vigor and panache—and without going over each line you've already drawn. Don't use several lines when one will do so make your first line strong.

Have a great New Year Drawing and Sketching

Yours in Art and Drawing

Free Guide To Drawing Here in PDF format

PS: Have fun drawing, I'd love to see your work showcased here. Please do write if you have any comments or questions especially when you upload your drawings, just a few words will do about you and your drawings.

PPS: Please check your email address for typos...too many bounce and your free e-book will be lost in cyberspace!


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