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Drawing Pencil Sketches Newsletter May 2014
May 01, 2014

Basic Drawing Skills

Hello Folks, Artists and Friends,

Hope you have had an interesting time this past month, not only with the usual Spring Cleaning but creating tons of wonderful drawings. Some of us struggle to create or even get out the sketch book and start scribbling. It’s sometimes like the “writers block” or you could say the “artist’s block.” This is a “mindset” sort of thing because unlike the writers block, you have millions of thing around you to draw. Maybe that’s an excuse or you don’t have the passion for drawing you once had?

I used to go for years to life drawing classes, sometimes it was great to be with like-minded people and other times I just wanted to relax a little and did not have the urge to create. This did not happen often with me and when it did I used to take a walk outside noticing Mother Nature. This soon got me in the mood again!

So what have we got for this month? Let’s take a peek at what has been going on around the globe;

Chalk Drawing Competition

Last year during the in Utah Bicycle Tour, ten local artists created beautiful chalk images on the street adjacent to the finish line (image attached), celebrating this hugely successful event.

Rachelle Bonnett, Director of Art Walks and Public Art Programs, is compiling a list of artists who wish to participate in the chalk drawing project this year. If a significant number of artists respond, Bonnett will offer awards in age divisions: Elementary (ages 5-10), Middle (11-13), and High School 14-18), College Level, and Adults. Bonnett states,

"Last year, our chalk artists were acclaimed by those passing by, and filmed by helicopters covering the race. We want to expand this opportunity for more artists who wish to celebrate the incredible accomplishments of the professional bicyclists who bring so much positive attention to Cedar City."

Drawing on her Ukrainian heritage

(See artwork above in Header) What happens when a painter who excels in a lifelike style wants to evolve? Where does her muse take her?

Patricia Kozowyk, a one-time Hamilton woman of the year in arts, is best known for her lifelike landscapes, especially those focusing on trees. Recently she embraced a more symbolic way of depicting the land. And she credits her artistic evolution to working on her Flamborough farm.

"Working with the land as an organic hands-on farmer influences one's perspective," Kozowyk says. "A symbol of a tree seems more real to me now than a more realistic depiction of a particular tree in a particular moment of time."

Kozowyk's new work is on show at Hamilton Artists Inc. She joins Adriana de Ruyter and Susan Robinson in Symbol, Colour, Spirit, an exhibition offering a variety of styles and subjects.

Yours in Creative Drawings


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