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Drawing Pencil Sketches Newsletter, May 2013
May 01, 2013

This Month, Drawing From Life

Dear Artists & Friends,

Drawing Pencil Sketches Newsletter May 2013

Drawing from life (as in figure drawing) can be one of the most rewarding methods for you to increase your drawing skills. The definition of "life" here is anything with a living cell which leaves plenty of scope outside of life drawing from a model. These life forms would include flowers, fruit, trees, and plenty of other things you can think of.

Just curious, how many subscribers here actually draw things from their surrounding other than from photos, other drawings or illustrations? When you copy a photo or other flat images you actually loose quality as you are one step removed from reality - there is no 3D.

With flowers and other drawings from non-model life drawing, the old masters of the Renaissance period, had significant meaning especially in the old religious artefacts.

To gain skills with botanical stuff, careful observation is important and, more important, with animal life you have to have some knowledge of their anatomy whereas with flora and fauna you can get away with a lot of things.

Try starting out with pen and ink if you are passionate about floral stuff, with a pen and ink you have a chance to create much character with hair lines mixed with bold lines or double lines.

If you are brave enough to draw animals, then use a range of HB - 4B pencils which gives you more flexibility insofar you can be swift with gesture lines which can't be done well with pen and ink.

In life drawing, there can be no hard and fast rules with regard to composition. Ask yourself "Does it look right?" "Does it look balanced?" If it doesn't, start again with a thumbnail drawing until you feel it works.

As a pointer, remember the rule of thirds? I'm sure you know what this is as it applies to all your drawings and paintings. (Divide your drawing into three sections vertically and horizontally and make sure your focal point/s are on one of the horizontal lines going across the verticals where you place your strongest focal point).

Have a great month of drawing and sketching!


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PS: Have fun drawing, I'd love to see your work showcased here. Please do write if you have any comments or questions especially when you upload your drawings, just a few words will do about you and your drawings.

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