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Drawing Pencil Sketches Newsletter October 2013
September 30, 2013

Is It Possible For YOU To Make a Living With Your Art?

Dear Artists & Friends,

Yes, it is, but you first have to have a passion for your specific genre of art – and NOT just wanting to make a few dollars. If the passion is there, the dollars always follow. Going on the submissions and downloads on this site, I’d say you have to take pictures of your art (not with a cell phone as the quality is usually poor but with a camera giving you a clean image of your drawing or painting). Most importantly, CROP your image to take out all the clutter in the background. Nobody wants to see Friday’s washing on the line or a sink full of crockery waiting to be washed.

Yeah, this happens and I’ve seen it quite a bit. I used to crop your images for you but now with many coming in I do not have the time. As I’ve said before, if it is of very low quality I’ll have to trash it. Sorry. You can use the free to edit your images.

Please check out and see the quality of the images there – they only accept quality drawings and paintings. Another site you can use to market your artwork is and this site will give you lots of exposure.

There are other venues where you can market your art; there is which has over 60 million hits and its page rank is 53 in the USA. It is basically a handcraft/handmade website but artwork is covered extensively. Or you could try eBay, I’ve tried and sold many paintings, mainly abstracts.

There are many websites where you can display your artwork, decide on your price, give it a good title and upload it. If you upload it on you can also put a price tag on and giving a brief bio about the painting – people love to read something about the artist and that could be a good selling point for you. Yes, you can market your work on Etsy and make a healthy living. If you do not feel you are good enough you can take classes online for free.

Oh, there’s one place I forgot and it does not cost you a cent – There are over 25 million hits monthly, you can have your own store front to sell your products/artwork, get your own T-shirts, mugs or whatever with your own designs on them. It can be a lot of fun especially for friends and family.

Chat again soon,


Free Guide To Drawing Here in PDF format

PS: Have fun drawing, I'd love to see your work showcased here. Please do write if you have any comments or questions especially when you upload your drawings, just a few words will do about you and your drawings.

PPS: Please check your email address for typos...too many bounce and your free e-book will be lost in cyberspace!


PPS: If you do not recieve your monthly newsletter, please check your spam box.

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