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Drawing Pencil Sketches
August 25, 2016

Hello Pencil Artists!

Gesture drawing is one of the best ways to warm up for your drawing session. You should start to work spontaneously with a free lose arm and hand. This is sometimes called ‘scribble drawing’)

Why would this be one of the better exercises to warm up as it is pretty much like scribbling? Firstly, one should not lose the unrestrained drawing lines which give your drawing a dynamic flow.

Struggle and fiddle with you drawing“ going over your lines many times will not look correct which is the hallmark of the amateur.

Secondly, if you start off with gesture drawing of what the subject – usually a figure drawing – you are trying to tell the viewer what your drawing is projecting - a loose form which looks factual even though proportions are incorrect.

You are not only drawing what you see but also what you feel as you get in contact with the “form” and its surroundings.

For really dynamic drawings using bold loose lines check out Rembrandt’s figure and animal sketches. There is much to learn from this master.

Jollyon Hooley August 25, 2016

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