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September 14, 2016
Fellow Artists, Welcome

Tips on Drawing Nature By Jon Mumford

Drawing is a way of expressing one's feelings and this may be in any form. It is a way to let out the feelings that are lying dormant in one's heart and mind.

Drawings can be indicative of what is going on inside. However, some people are natural at drawing while others struggle to portray their feelings on paper through drawings.

While drawing is a skill that many of us are in born with, there are many that struggle and have to learn this skill. It takes passion, persistency and sometimes a hard slog.

Nature is not only around us but somewhere deep inside us as well. We are also a part of nature as we depend upon the earth that sustains life, not just human, but plant and animal life as well.

Nature drawings can be based on plant life, flowers, plant, trees or on animals, anatomy, cells, fossils, evolution, environment, weather and so many other things. Each of these themes can be further subdivided to produce an art form based on nature.

Nature drawings help us visualize the beautiful world around us and open up the beauty and intricacy of this world. Artists have always tried to portray the simplistic side of nature through their drawings.

While many people find it easy to capture nature in their drawings, others find it very difficult to draw leaves, trees and animals. The essence of good drawing is portraying one's inner feeling on paper but for some this is a job easier said than done. The fine lines that correctively display a piece from nature require practice and vision. However, it is not something that cannot be learnt.

Nature drawings also serve the purpose of connecting the humans with nature. These drawings not only express the beauty of nature but can also press the environmental issues like preservation, conservation, threatened habitats, sustainability and biodiversity. The drawings have the ability to interact with the viewer and educate them about such issues and spread awareness about them.

Therefore, those of you that are struggling to draw have the opportunity to learn the skill online. Learning to draw nature could never have been easier as there are tutorials and videos that guide you through each step of drawing.

You simply need to have the conviction and the will to learn as you can be guided you through the beautiful world of drawing. However, you need to practice hard to be able to draw nature in all its subtle nuances.

Jonathon Mumford is an artist, freelance writer, animator and cartoonist for online publications and writes for family enjoyment and education. If you want to have some fun and learn how to draw, go to Drawing Pencil Sketches dot com on learning how to draw for beginners.

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Here are the Free Tutorials on all aspects of Drawing and sketching. Let me know what you think.

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Best wishes, Jon

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