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Design with lines to show pattern effectsDesign with lines to show pattern effects
orange-yellow triangle - a suggestion for some basic designsorange-yellow triangle - a suggestion for some basic designs

You know you are an artist – by heart, we all are! However, you have not yet attempted to get a pencil and a paper to start making sketches.

It’s either you have nothing to draw your inspiration on or you do not know how to start.

Regardless of your reason, this website will give you the encouragement and the materials you need toward becoming a pencil artist and designer.

How to Start

 You need a pencil and paper – plus the enthusiasm to begin. More important, you must prepare yourself to draw dots, lines and simple shapes. So do a few like these.

You know these basic design elements, right? If you thought about making stunning yet complicated patterns and designs already, well, save your excitement on these.

Non-geometric abstract design, no formal repeat patternNon-geometric abstract design, no formal repeat pattern
Small Flower motif which repeats itself giving a fine close-knit designSmall Flower motif which repeats itself giving a fine close-knit design

It is important that you refresh – and enhance – your skills in creating dots and lines. At first, you may think this is not necessary but you must remember that everything starts with dots and lines. As you progress, you will realize how amazing these dots and lines, including shapes and angles, can help you compose art pieces. Likewise, practicing your hand in drawing dots and lines will make your lines perfect and your hands stable. Once you have mastered these, let’s start with easy patterns and designs to draw.

Ancient Paisley Design with flowing motifsAncient Paisley Design with flowing motifs

Simple Doodle Art for Beginners

You can doodle. Get a pen and a paper and draw lines, shapes or any form that comes to mind. But never underestimate this activity because this benefits inspiring artists like you as it contributes toward improving your visual literacy and in processing your ideas.

As a beginner, enjoy making effortless doodles that mix lines, shapes and dots and you’ll realize that you have become too engaged with your work and that you already come up with amazing patterns.

You can find some samples to copy here. Then prepare to get creative and make your own art.

Introducing Mandala Art

Non-geometric abstract design, no formal repeat pattern with rose centerNon-geometric abstract design, no formal repeat pattern with rose center
Non-geometric abstract design, no formal repeat patternNon-geometric abstract design, no formal repeat pattern

How about Mandala art? Sure, you have heard about this through your friends, relatives, neighbors and others.

Likewise, you may have come across some Mandala-style designs online. This is a trend today, right? You should join the craze and give this abstract design a try.

At first, the art seems to be complex but it’s not. Therefore, advance your artistic skills and begin working on Mandala art.

Discover the level of your artistic quality and start drawing the samples here

Transforming Common
Objects into Works of Art

After awhile, you realize you begin to get bored with Mandala art. You feel the drive to take your creativity to the next level and let your own creative juices come out to create your own patterns and drawings.

The next thing I’ll show you then is how you can transform a common object (like a leaf) and form a different pattern out of it. You will find the tasks below as challenging at first, but again, as you progress, you’ll discover they are fun to do.

What’s Next?

At this time, your hands are already skillful. You are ready to take on new challenges. What about your heart and mind? Surely, you are already motivated to hone your artistic skills so don’t let it wane. Continue drawing.

Below are the patterns and designs that date back from 200 years ago to present time. You can copy and paste, and at the same time, change any of these designs to come up with your own personal patterns. You’ll discover how adept you have become in your drawing.

 Move forward with your learning and level up your creativity up a notch higher and use these patterns in quilt designs, textiles, rugs, carpets, fashion fabrics, knitting, cross-stitch, wood carving, tapestry and anything else you can think of. You’ll never know; you may even get your hands developing a new business through art. Isn’t that exciting and isn’t that going places all because you learn how to draw?

 The easy patterns and designs to draw are not only for inspiring pencil artists. These are also meant for those who are not fond of drawing but find pleasure in coloring images. Happy drawing (or coloring)! Don’t hesitate to contact me in case you need more information. I'll be glad to help!

Gallery of Patterns and Designs

Rejected Dress Code in Abstract FormRejected Dress Code in Abstract Form
Abstract Apple Thrown Out By Apple iPadAbstract Apple Thrown Out By Apple iPad
Facemask You Should EvadeFacemask You Should Evade
Grandma's Teapot Finally Found a HomeGrandma's Teapot Finally Found a Home

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Your website is beautiful and exudes with goodness—-here is all the info, free of charge, just go and play with it, free your creativity. It would be the perfect site for our 10 year old, who is a keen (and very good) drawer in the sense that she truly enjoys it and will do it in her free time just for fun.

Vardit Kohn
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