Here’s The Free Pencil Art Sketches Tutorial You’ve Been Looking For

Learning how to draw is not as hard
as some people make it out to be

 Here is a free pencil art sketch tutorial to get started on the basics of creating your art

Polar Bear has been drawn with HB and 2B pencilsPolar Bear has been drawn with HB and 2B pencils

Drawing is one of the best hobbies that anybody can pick up. It lets you get in touch with your creative side and it is one of the most fulfilling thing to do. The best thing about taking up art is that there is no age limitation on when you can begin and how long you want to do it. It all depends on you.

Many people think that making art is specifically for people who call themselves artists. We believe that there is an artist within all of us and anybody can draw. They just have to pick up that pencil and start. People make art using all sorts of materials and mediums. One of the most commonly used mediums for making art is the pencil.

If you’re looking to start your path in the world of art, you will want to learn how to draw, right? This is why we’ve put together this free pencil art sketches tutorial so that you can learn the basics and then move on to advanced skills as you get better!

Holding the Pencil Correctly    

Holding your pencil correctlyHolding your pencil correctly

When it comes to holding the pencil, everybody knows how to do it since they’ve been writing with pencils since their childhood. For pencil sketching, you need to learn how to hold the pencil correctly.

Correctly does not at all mean in a particular way. No, it means that you have to hold the pencil in a way that feels most comfortable to you.

Typically, a lot of people hold it between the thumb, middle and index finger - but if you want to change it upwards, go ahead. You can keep on changing the grip as you go along. There’s no law on holding the pencil in only one particular way for the rest of your life!

Choosing the Paper

Pencil drawing is the most popular medium and paper is the best surface to work on with a pencil. You’ll find plenty of different qualities of paper when you go out for your materials.

When you’re starting out, go for a cheaper quality paper. That way you can practice as much as you want on it without worrying about spending too much.

Down to Brass Tacks

Okay so let’s get down to business. There are four basic things that you need to know when it comes to pencil sketching when you start off.

First off

You need to learn how to make clean lines. That means practice making lines so much that your line quality is filled with confidence and you don’t need to overlap lines. That makes your drawing dull and fuzzy.


You need to practice making the basic shapes. Ovals, circles, squares, triangles. All the basic geometric shapes are what you need to learn how to make because they are the basic tools for every artist.


You need to work on proportions. The size of one object that you’re making is going to be different from others. When you’re drawing something on paper, you need to make sure that you show the difference in size between the objects proportionally. Never forget it.


You need to start shading using the pencil. This is something that is more of an advanced technique which you will learn as you master the other three initially. Shading gives your pencil sketches the depth and three-dimentionality. it needs to look realistic by defining the light and dark areas.

Practice Makes Perfect signPractice Makes Perfect sign

In Conclusion

This is pretty much as simple as it can get. These are the basic necessities every person needs to know well so that they can start sketching. It always starts from the basics.

You have to remember that practice makes perfect and perfection is all that you should aim for. Ask yourself "Does it look right?" If not, draw another sketch. The more you practice these basic techniques, the better you will get. This free pencil art sketches tutorial is just a basic guideline. The real learning process will begin once you practice these things as much as you can.

With a little patience and persistence, you will find that your level of drawing skill will have improved. So lets get right to it and start sketching!

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