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Raphael Nude DrawingRaphael Drawing of nude in chalk

Have you ever had a thought about "Now what should I draw?" 

Of course, there are unlimited things for you to draw and those things are all around you right now!

I've shown here the masterful drawing by Rafael, Notice the singularity of line - not 12 lines where one will do. (we call that "being messy.")

The key is to keep your drawing clean. Do not use multiple lines where one will do!

First decide what things you really like which can be a landscape, it could be the way the table lamp in your lounge highlights a cup and saucer throwing shadows on the wall behind" Or it could be your young daughter with the beautiful smile! I am sure you'd like to sketch her and display it among family - what mother wouldn't?

Maybe your new landscaped garden done recently would make an outstanding drawing especially with the flowers now in full bloom.

You see? It is endless what you can draw. But here is another question; Do you have the confidence to draw some of the things you love? If you are a beginner, I can fully understand - but don't forget all the GREAT artists' started on their very first drawing at some time. There was certainly no instantaneous success among the "Old Masters" It took years and years to master so there are no short cuts!

All of them worked hard to become a master of their art. If one drawing didn't look right they started on another and another until they got it right. Sweat a tears, long hours experimenting with different angles, different poses if they were drawing the human figure.

So how do you start off sketching and drawing? You get out your 2B pencil and sketchpad and just start drawing. Pick and simple object and do not draw from your imagination unless you are a Picasso.

Let me help you a bit here; choose an ordinary object like a chair but you do not have to draw the WHOLE chair only a section of it like the top right corner (say 25% of the chair) but do not be too selective. 

It should be something like the drawing below here:

Observe everything around you - anything, Then pick out a section and draw in it in a small square or rectangle. This is the start of your drawing and sketching career. 

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