How to Master the Art
of Anime Drawing

How to Draw Anime: a Japanese style developed mid 20th Century

Would you be an anime fan? You have probably seen many anime series, such as One Piece, Fairy Tale, Sailor Moon, Card Captor, Sakura, and Inuyasha.

After having watched a couple of anime series, have you had the urge to copy and draw them but are having a hard time doing so? Well, here are some hacks on how to perfect the art of anime drawing!

Tips on how you can improve your anime drawing:

 *Know Your Anime and Manga by heart.

 How do you end up mastering doing something? Firstly, you must have the passion to do it. How would you know how to make an anime art if you are not familiar and interested in Japanese anime, right?

Unless you really love anime, then you’ll have a long way to mastering anime drawing. However, if you keep watching anime series, then you will start noticing intricate details like in their hair styles, curved body structures, and exaggerated facial expressions.

Take a closer look at the anatomy of your characters. Memorize their details. Pay close attention to every part of the   subject you draw. This will give you the basis for an accurate drawing.

*Use Models and References.

After watching a number of anime cartoons, you will definitely have your favorite picks. From there, you can choose one and start using it to base your anime art from. You can search on the internet. It is the fastest source you can get.

You can print your favorite characters or the sketches of the objects or people you want to copy. You can also sketch a live model.  Look for interesting subjects, sketch them, and be unmindful of your mistakes. One day you’ll be surprised with the results.

*Use guide lines.

The basic way to draw a skeletal form of the character is to use guide lines. It will help you a lot. For example, one basic guide for drawing the face is with the help of a circle.

The intersecting horizontal and vertical lines that run across the circle mark the division of the upper and lower part of the face. The vertical line divides the left and right angles of the face.

There are also stick figures or skeletal guides for the body movements and poses of the anime characters, so try using them.

*Be original.

For starters, you can copy an illustration of your favorite manga or anime character. There’s no need to worry because it’s normal to look up your favorite anime character on the internet and draw them in detail. When you have learned how to draw on your own, then you will be able to come up with your personal style or signature. You may now even create your own anime characters!

*Be open to criticisms

Don’t be afraid or shy to show some of your works to your friends or relatives. Some will like it and some won’t, but just accept their comments about it. However, you should also filter them. Remember you are building your own style as you go along and that you still need improve, so listen to other people’s perspectives. Besides, if you are going to create anime art, then you also have to consider your audience.

 *Always Practice.

 Doing things over and over again   leads to perfection. To master anime drawing, practice is a must. If you have the chance, enroll in an art class.

You can learn a lot from your teacher. Even if you   have an innate ability to draw, you will not be that good unless you practice. Joining art competitions is also a good way of practicing. Participate in them, and you’ll be on your way to mastering the art of anime drawing in no time!

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