How To Turn Your Passion
Into Sketches Thru Anime

Want to draw anime?
Your own anime?

Think of a character and get to it. Japanese animation or popularly known as “anime” is one of the most lucrative industries in Japan.

It thrives not only in Japanese homes, but also in both small and big screens in other countries. Unlike western cartoons, anime caters to both children and adults for it tackles even mature and serious topics that our society faces today.

Anime mirrors the culture, beliefs, and traditions of Japan, but as time passed, it deviated from the usual and now, it tackles stories about foreign cultures. With the booming patronage for this visual art, anime-making companies are in need of a huge number of artists to accommodate the growing demand in this field of entertainment.

So hey! With your gifted and skillful hands, you can earn from pursuing your passion for drawing. Like what Confucius said, “choose a job that you love, and you will never have to work for a day in your life.”

It is definitely an overwhelming feeling doing what you are passionate about and at the same time, helping you with your financial needs. Entering this field is definitely a taxing job, but it is certainly worth a try.

Can’t make it because you are still a newbie? Worry no more. Just do the following steps and surely you will earn a spot in the next anime series. It is as easy as A, B, C, D. Let’s start!

 START WITH A FOR ANATOMY. Anime characters are inspired by humans. As such, you’ll notice that they possess human-like features such as eyes, nose, mouth, ears and the like. But the difference is how they are being drawn. So here are some tips on how to draw your character’s features.

Always start with the head. Using a pencil, draw a circle using thin strokes to serve as your character’s head.

Next, the body. Anime characters also come from different shapes and sizes so don’t be afraid to deviate from the usual skinny and narrow-faced characters.

 As for the facial features, anime characters are usually known for their big eyes and angle-bracket nose. Feel free to draw your character suitable to its persona.

B FOR BALANCE. When starting, we tend to get inspiration from other artists that sometimes, we unconsciously imitate their work. Like what they say, nothing in this world is original. But everything will still depend on your creativity and hard work to make significant changes and create an original piece.

You may be overwhelmed with the outpouring of ideas, but learn to balance it out. Think thoroughly of how to immortalize your character based on its attributes. For instance, if your character is a comic one, adding a funny face won’t hurt.

C FOR CRITICISM. Yes, that’s right. No one can escape this. Admit it. No one starts as a pro. Don’t hesitate to ask for other people’s opinions. Remember, the artist is blind to his own errors, so let practice be your watchword.

Hear other people’s thoughts and let the beneficial comments in. Never let baseless, negative comments ruin your spirit. Ingest the constructive and positive ones and incorporate them into your work.  

D FOR DID AND YEAH, YOU DID IT! After all the sleepless nights, countless crumpled papers,  numerous sharpened pencils, and hurtful comments, your hard work paid off! Never put your talent to waste.

Aside from financial growth, you will take part in making a difference in other people’s lives through meaningful and entertaining works of art. After finishing your masterpiece, it is now ready for the world to see. You will never know, but you might be the big thing! Now, start to DRAW ANIME.

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