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April 24, 2017
Hi Friends

Google Makes Its $149 Photo Editing Software for you! Now Completely Free to Download.

You can now edit your artwork include cropping (cutting out the background) adding visual effects to enhance your art plus a few thousand other effects. Try it out.

This software is almost as good as Photoshop!

Here is the link to download:

Play around with this software and send in your artwork so we can publish on this site!

Free Guide on Drawing

Free Guide To Drawing Here in PDF format

PS: Have fun drawing, I'd love to see your work showcased here. Please do write if you have any comments or questions especially when you upload your drawings, just a few words will do about you and your drawings.

PPS: Please check your email address for typos...too many bounce and your free e-book will be lost in cyberspace!


PPS: If you do not receive your monthly newsletter, please check your spam box.

Cheers, Jon

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