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June 20, 2017
Hi Friends and Fellow Artists

Hi, I created this Drawing and Sketching site some years ago for the purpose of teaching the basics to others on how to draw well.

With my years of drawing I think I am qualified to teach the basics and beyond—especially children.

I am a father of two grownup kids, a husband and six beautiful grandchildren. Also, besides being a drawing/art teacher, blogger and animator.

Learning to draw well at a professional artist is not easy, takes time and a little dedication. If you give yourself a chance you will be rewarded with lasting professional drawing skills. Currently, there is a demand for skilled artists in many fields.

Picasso created 1,000’s of drawings and sketches over his lifetime which he gave to us so we could learn from him—which he did up until he died in his 90’s.

Once your drawing skills develop through learning and practicing regularly, and yes, I do mean learning regularly—which is a lot of fun as you will discover.

Below is a link for beginners which is written in simple terms. Copy some of these drawings in your sketch book, put a date on them so you can see how your skills are improving—then upload them to this site.

There are links below where you can see new drawing pages added recently.

Please subscribe and say Hi anytime—I will always answer your mail.

Best Regards,


Free Guide To Drawing Here

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