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Monkey Portrait in Profile using pencil with pen and ink.Monkey Portrait in Profile

Perhaps you've decided you want to learn how to draw like Picasso. 

However, you have no experience drawing portraits, and the last time you tried, your overly sensitive Aunt Bertha cried because of the banana nose you gave her, and your Uncle Ben wanted to punch you in the face!

Don't take it personally and let it ruin the chance to learn drawing. Here are some pencil drawing techniques that can help beginners to improve. 

Also in The Monkey Family Drawn in pencilAlso in The Monkey Family Drawn in pencil And Pen and Ink.

1) Find Your Style

Whenever you set out to draw a portrait, every exercise will have an importance to it. However, serious artists should take this one step further.

If you truly want to learn how to draw, you should finish the portraits, but go over each attempt several times.

This will speed up your learning process until you have discovered a way where you always feel comfortable with your artistic style. 

Indian Gentleman of the OrientIndian Gentleman of the Orient

2) No Rules

The end result of the drawing matters the most. Everything else will be secondary. In addition, each artist who draws with pencils will have her own style for doing it. At some point, while learning, you may discover how the method you learned contradicts another method. That's okay because every artist will have her own way.

What works for one person will not be as good of a way to draw for another. When a good portrait gets finished, no one thinks too much on the techniques person used to complete it.

Outline Drawing of WomanOutline Drawing of Woman

3) Learn to Outline

Light Outlines

The outline in a drawing boils down to one of the most basic elements of drawing, and you will have either a heavy outline or a light outline. With light outlines, you keep the pressure on your pencil at a minimum. You will move with a slow and flowing motion with this type of outline. Hold the pencil at the right angle with the top of your pencil facing in the direction you will be moving in, and you will establish a better artistic flow.

Heavy Outlines

The heavier outline comes into play once you have reached some level of satisfaction with the work you have done. You add more lead to the paper, but be careful because a heavy outline can't be erased as easily as a lighter outline. You will apply pressure until you have reached the desired shade level. 

A Holy man of the 17th CenturyA Holy man of the 17th Century

4) Hatching and Cross Hatching

Hatching could be said to be an artist's technique where you mark the small lines close together to fill in the color from the drawing.

Artists have also used this technique for shading. For example, they might draw up an outline, which could be either heavy or light.

You can add or lower the pressure as needed. 

Cross-hatching uses the same method, but you repeat the process in the opposite direction for your second layer of stitches. You will apply this over the top of your first layer, and the technique has become known as somewhat of a popular technique for artists to add multiple layers to their drawings. However, you should avoid the cross-hatching method if you want to blend the graphite. 

A portrait of a young ladyA portrait of a young lady


Another artist’s technique that you have available is known as stipping. This technique uses the same principle as cross-hatching, but you make the lines much smaller, and they will be similar to tiny dots or dashes.

Stipping been called a shading technique because it takes the smaller areas like the eyes of a person or even the facial hair and adds some depth of dimension to it. This technique is great when you want to apply a light pressure to the drawing. 

These are some of the drawing techniques that can help you to become a better artist. However, you will find that you have to practice if you want to get better.

Drawing is an art form where you attempt to capture what you see. In fact, some people have compared drawing to learning how to see things with a greater depth of clarity and understanding.

One of the most important things with drawing is learning how to have fun as you're doing it and not to worry too much in the beginning if your portrait doesn't look like the person you tried to draw. It takes practice to develop life-like portrait drawings.

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