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Drawing Pencil Sketches Free Drawing Lessons
February 27, 2019
Hi Friends and Fellow Artists

We are now into March 2019 with lots of inspirational stuff to kick-start your drawings (hey, only if you have been loafing).

Many of you are studying other subjects in college and do not have the time to draw or sketch. I understand.

Learning to sketch well is an asset which can be used in college as an "explainer" to get the ideas across to students and teachers.

Please go to Fiverr and check out what professional artists are making online - and they are working from home.

I'll admit, to become a professional artist is not easy, it takes time and a little dedication. If you give yourself a chance you will be rewarded with lasting professional drawing skills.

Currently, there is a demand for skilled artists in many fields on,, Fiverr and many more looking for artists! These guys are well paid in 100$ for simple illustrations and drawings.

I can help and guide you with your drawing and CV if you can drop me a line here.

Best Regards, Jon

PS: Please check this new page on site;

Free Guide To Drawing Here

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