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December 30, 2017
Hi Friends and Fellow Artists

New Year Message to My Subscribers

Happy New Year! I’d like to thank you for believing in my brand and potentials throughout the past year, even as you supported the vision.

I count it a privilege to serve on this platform and always see you as the reason behind our engagements. It’s been my pleasure to communicate with you on a personal and professional level, even as my subscription list continues to grow.

It’s the time of the year when millions of people and businesses across the world take stock of their achievements, highlights, shortcomings, and pitfalls with the intent to perform better in the New Year and beyond.

It’s no different here at with all the various paintings, drawing and sketching of artists on feature regularly. As a loyal reader and follower on my subscription list, I’m sure you’d agree it’s been a remarkable year. So, what heights did you scale this past year? How did you unleash your creative streak and talents? Not by lazing around idle with fanciful thoughts and ideas!

The journey to a successful life as an artist is often marked by the dogged determination and resilience which can only be sustained by the prerequisite skill and a burning passion.

My observation is not meant to discourage you, but I’m merely stating the obvious. So, don't think of giving up just yet!

Great artists like van Gogh and paid the price to become famous for their artwork. And their success stories were not instant, but a gradual process.

Van Gogh was a Maestro of many artworks consisting of landscape and portraits which he passionately made at an alarming rate; though people didn’t appreciate their intrinsic value. He was never discouraged by the harsh realities around him but continued to master his craft to astonishing perfection. His drawings were a reflection of his personality and the social climate.

Van tried to make a living from the works he produced, but it didn’t yield good results. Nevertheless, his family stood by him and gave him the moral support to forge ahead, and that was all he needed to stay on track.

Van was from humble beginnings, so he didn’t have enough resource to travel extensively and promote his works. Van Gogh’s paintings were greatly influenced by Monet, Seurat, and Paul Gauguin, including the expressionism movement.

He was not recognized for his exceptional works and contributions in the world of art until after his death. Vincent became posthumously famous years after he passed on which is an irony and mainly due to the intervention of his family. His sister-in-law, Johanna persistently worked on promoting the artworks, and her efforts paid off eventually.

Today, he is celebrated as an artist per excellent!

On a lighter note, when it comes to Salvador Dali, a particular hilarious incident comes to mind. He was an eccentric artist and loved vibrant colors, with countless paintings greatly influenced by Breton and the surreal movement.

Dali was invited to give a lecture at an art school. The hall was agog with different lovers of art who had come to catch a glimpse of the Maestro. Soon a huge crowd had gathered in the venue and everyone was breathless with excitement.

When Dali eventually appeared on stage, clad in a diving suit and an iron helmet, there was wild applause everywhere. He clumsily moved around the stage to the delight of the cheering audience who rose in response to his supposed “comic act.”

They believed it was another impervious prank by the artist to pull off a dramatic entrance. Oh dear! How bad could it get!

The audience were clapping and cheering Dali on as he began to sway and stagger under the costume. As his behavior grew more erratic due to his discomfort and frantic attempt to lose the choking helmet, the crowd became more delirious.

While the dramatic display of the Maestro continued, some overzealous artists got the inspiration to start the drawing and sketching of what ought to be a masterpiece. At the expense of Dali, you may say.

And then it happened! Dali slumped on the stage into an unconscious state, and it finally dawned on the audience. I’d say that’s one of the perks of indulging in an eccentric lifestyle, as the audience was none the wiser.

The hallmark of any great artist is dexterity in creating artwork that becomes a classic masterpiece due to its originality and depth of emotion. And as we step ahead in the New Year, I hope you receive all the joy, blessings, and inspiration that make life more impactful for others around you.

I’d love to hear from you regarding the New Year decisions you’ve made, and how you intend to command more significant results.

I wish you a New Year filled with peace and great success with your drawing & sketching!

Jonathon Mumford

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