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Are You Passionate in Drawing Pencil Sketches?
June 28, 2017

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We help beginner writers and artists as they take the path toward success. If you are an artist at heart and wish to show to the world your creations, feel free to make a submission. We provide novice artists exposure, and we do it for free. We created this platform for this purpose.

However, for us to be able to do that, you have to help us, too. How can you do that? Before submitting your work, we highly encourage you to read the following notes and take them as a rule of thumb.

DO make sure all proper nouns begin with caps. Names, dates, places, etc. You can tell better which of these items are proper nouns, and you of course don’t want Jane Smith to be read as jane smith, right? Besides, proper writing demonstrates mastery and professionalism.

DO use clever, eloquent and appropriate words. Believe it or not, it is possible tell a story in just one sentence. We want to educate our audience with good writing and artistic presentation. It can be appalling to read poorly written content constructed with bad grammar and elementary words. If this frustrates us, just imagine potential readers.

DO NOT use internet jargon. We hate jargons. Even if you have a dictionary, you still won’t understand them completely, and not many people are walking around with a dictionary. We want to reach a wider audience, and the only way to do that is by using words that most people can interpret.

We believe that creativity, when mixed with passion, will result to the creation of a masterpiece. DO NOT push yourself to create. DO find inspiration. Look at the ways of the masters. Leonardo Da Vinci certainly didn’t paint Mona Lisa because he was urged to. Shakespeare surely wasn’t urged either.

DO fall in love with your masterwork. Make it because you want it exist. You want this image in your head to become a reality. We believe you can critic your own piece and tell which parts are wrong.

DO try to perfect your work. Look at it from your audience’s point of view. Look at it from your mentor’s point of view. Do you believe this piece can be worth $100,000? Would you stash a copy of this piece in your cabinet or show this to your future grandchildren? There is such as saying that you should only put out there what you can proudly show to the world.

DO NOT send apathetic submissions. We only appreciate the passionate ones. Anyone can tell which work has the heart of the maker poured into it. If you are just aiming for popularity, please abandon this plan and give way to those who are fervent and earnest when it comes to their creations.

DO NOT place your image on its side, place them upright. Believe it or not, it takes a long time to correct this one. DO make sure your images are of the highest quality, crop them if necessary—we do not want to see background clutter.

We evaluate submissions and weed out depressing ones. We know it can be disappointing, but we want superb submissions, not materials that we need to check and correct. If a submission were a head-scratcher, we trash it to save time and energy.

DO follow the submission guidelines. These are readily available on our site. If you really can’t find it, feel free to ask us for a copy.

If you abide by these things I’ve listed here, your artwork will be published on your page here. If you do not agree, then please unsubscribe—I’d rather you did not stay unless you are passionate about your drawings.

Thank you, Jonathon

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