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Drawing Pencil Sketches Free Drawing Lessons
August 21, 2018
Hi Friends and Sketchers

If you’re drawing a blank on what to sketch next, though, here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Nature and All Things Natural

Drawing ideas are plentiful in nature. Just take a stroll through your local park. There are many different kinds of flowers--types of leaves, vines, and grasses that you can observe and draw. Pay close attention to textures, how petals fold around themselves, and how leaves attach to stalks.

Friends and Family

If you’re stuck at home looking for drawing ideas, see if you can convince a sibling to let you sketch them. Human faces aren’t the simplest thing to draw, but you have to start somewhere!

Yourself in The Mirror

Family members or friends can’t help you out? Grab a mirror and sketch yourself! Make sure you sit so you can look at your reflection and look at your paper without having to move your head. You want to be able to sit as still as possible so you don’t change the position of your head.

Your Non-Dominant Hand

Because faces are hard, sometimes you need to start a little smaller. What do you always have with you? Your hands! Draw with your dominant hand and use your non-dominant hand as reference. Hands are notoriously hard to draw, so getting extra practice is a good plan.

Your Loving Pets

Pets aren’t only nice to cuddle and walk: they make great artistic studies. Sit down and see if you can sketch a sleeping cat or dog. Sleeping pets are the best kind because they don’t move as much. Pets often have fur, so it’s good practice for when you get around to drawing human hair.

Things on Your Desk

Your desk is full of cool drawing ideas: pen, pencils, paper clips, thumbtacks, et cetera. Because the items are smaller, it forces you to really concentrate on detail.

Your Comfortable Chair

There’s a chance you’re sitting on a good drawing opportunity: your chair! Chairs teach an important lesson in straight lines, shadows, and depth.

Your Favorite Childhood Toy

Sometimes it’s nice to revisit your youth: if you still have them, grab a favorite childhood toy and use it as reference for a drawing. You might even add in some details you can’t see to give the sketch more of the personality you imagined for your toy.

Favorite Cartoon Character

One of the easy drawing ideas is to learn to copy other drawings. It’s nice to duplicate something that is already art rather than turning real things into art. Pick a cartoon character to draw; cartoons are typically two-dimensional line art, which makes them easy and consistent to practice drawing.

Crumpled Piece of Paper

If none of those ideas strike your fancy, rip a piece of paper from your notebook. Ball it up. Set it on a well-lit surface and draw what you see. By crumpling the paper, you create a bunch of shadows and angles to practice drawing.

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