A Girl's Dream

by Kruthika Chidambaranathan
(Tamil Nadu)

The Mind of Universe

The Mind of Universe

Wondering what this is? This one is a complex drawing. it's just an imagination.

I just sketched what I thought about. It speaks about her mind.

starting from her lips,it is curved on both the sides showing sad on the left and happy smile on the right.

One side she cries and the other side she is happy.

A woman carries her baby not only in her womb but also in her mind.

She thinks that procreation is very important to pass on the powerful genes to her future generation.

On the left side she suffers pain. She feels like she's been jailed. She feels like the world is like hell. The snake represents the sign of the devil here.

It's an evil snake. On the right side the birds have a freedom from the jail.

The pigeon indicates love. Because of love the man slowly is freed from the
chains and goes to heaven.

Below there are two pens which indicate that her fate is already written by God (the pen is the sign of her goddess).

Above this, there is the whole universe which resides in her mind expanding just like the universe.

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