A Kudu Drawing

by J. Belanger

Preliminary Drawing For Kudu Painting

Preliminary Drawing For Kudu Painting

Here is my Kudu Drawing which is for a large painting to hang in a corporate office.

I made several attempts to get the right pose after scanning a countless number of Kudu's and I decided on this frontal view (in fact one of the director's told me it had to be full face to look over the board of directors). I think he was joking about that.

This painting will be about 4ft x 6ft so I am a bit nervous about doing a commission painting especially when the entire board of directors may not agree and will "cast a vote" on the final painting.

I've been told they will want to make changes as some do not agree on just the Kudu'd head but rather the whole body.

There's a lot of work in painting a full size animal so I will have to insist upon a deposit before the work begins. I have painted a couple of commission portraits but both have been a painful experience because of the number of changes I had to make.

If you have any views about doing commission work please do comment here.

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