A Little Pencil Madness

by Jollyon Hooley

Don't Get Pencil Madness

Don't Get Pencil Madness

If you are aspiring to be a cartoonist, now is the time with so many "breaking news" stories on the TV channels --with a plethora of so many easy-to-draw characters-- it should be a real blast for you to make a fast start!

Take for example someone who you are familiar with, this dude called Trump; he is really very easy to draw and capture a likeness--not just with his hairdo but with all those marvelous facial expressions.

Example: Draw Trump's basic head shape (like an egg), then place a straight line right across the top more or less about one-third of the way down from the top. That's his hairline.

Now just a fraction below that line draw two thicker lines for the eyes. Eyes, eyebrows, and lips have a lot of expressions where you can begin to get a likeness.

Just drawing the hair will give viewers an instant likeness.

Now place two small dots to represent then end of his nose. Next, draw the mouth/lips where you can either use the ellipse ( or the bracket [ or the ~~ whichever gives the best expression for you. This is where you have to experiment a bit.

Remember, in cartoon drawing, you can exaggerate all features but it is best to pick a feature which is different from the norm. If you are starting just choose one feature until it brings a smile! OK, let me hand you over to trump now...

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