An Interesting Story: The Life of Pablo Picasso

by Griffin
(Sal Demenco)

Seated Woman by Picasso

Seated Woman by Picasso

The Wonderful Life of Pablo Picasso

Pablo Ruiz Picasso is an iconic art master who was born into a poor but creative family in October 25, 1881 in Malaga, Southern Spain. He was the most influential artist for the first half of the 20th century.

Picasso’s father was a painter, and he began as a child prodigy and at a very young age he showed signs of great promise. His mother claimed the first word he uttered was ‘piz,’ short for lapiz or pencil, and his first ever mentor was his father.

Picasso started formal art education by the age of eleven. He immediately showed immense grasp of naturalistic conventions, he would draw pictures that look very ‘realistic’ at a very young age. His father trained him to be a great artist by providing him the best art education they can afford and they would often visit Madrid to see art works by accomplished Spanish art masters.

After some time of art schooling in Madrid and Barcelona, Picasso spent his adolescent years with a team of Catalan modernists who would always gather at Els Quatre Gats in Barcelona, Spain. From Barcelona, he moved to Paris there he would collaborate with like-minded painters and art lovers. By age 20, Picasso drew serious critical attention and accolades for his work.
Picasso was found mostly associated with pioneering the idea of Cubism, he is also the brainchild of collage and he made amazing contributions to Surrealism and Symbolism. Above all, he was an accomplished painter, but his sculpture was very influential too, and he even explored other branches of art like ceramics and printmaking.

For many art curators worldwide, Picasso’s work was a fusion of influences from archaic to tribal to symbolism and then surrealism. He was more identified with Cubism and he made a deviation from the usual conventions of his time and he dominated painting in the Renaissance period. His innovative works have far-reaching consequences for almost all of modern art, thus revolutionizing attitudes to the depiction of form and space.

Picasso moved from one style to another, he experimented heavily with painting and sculpture. Among his popular artworks are the Old Guitarist, Seated Woman (Marie-Therese), Blue Nude, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, Nude, Green Leaves and Bust.

Picasso remained in Paris for the duration of the German invasion. Since 1946, until the time of his death he lived in the south of France where he continued to work on a great variety of paintings, ceramics, sculptures, and etchings. He was involved with several women and lovers and had four children.

On April 8, 1973 he passed away due to a massive heart attack at his home near Cannes. Picasso started as a child prodigy and ended as the greatest painter of all time.

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