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Angel drawings throughout the ages have evolved with artistic cultural changes and new vision as to the way we envision these creatures.

Whether you believe they exist or not doesn't really matter, what does matter is that there are no genuine models for angels.

Angel Cherub Playing the GuitarCherub Angel With Guitar
Angel playing the trumpetAngel Playing the Horn

Like vampires and werewolves, angel drawings are in the eyes of the beholder, with a lot of influence from past renditions. However, to widen the range of vision we have given to angels, it's going to take some creative innovation to keep the basic framework for drawing angels, yet allow the images to evolve into modern day art.

Is there a difference between a fairy and an angel? You betch ya, or at least in the minds of the artwork viewers.

The drawing of an angels usually takes a homogenous theme to indicate the image is indeed that of an angel, rather than a creature from Greek or Roman mythology. Long flowing hair, oversized majestic wings, tranquil faces and loose-fitting garments will get your point across in drawing angels. However, since there is no legitimate model to craft the image after, it doesn't hurt to take a few liberties when creating your own unique angel.

Angel Off to Do Good ThingsAngel Praying for You

Outside The Box
A good artist knows how to think outside the box, and a great artist doesn't even know where the box is. Angel drawings that are unique and original command attention from the art admirer and can powerfully impact a charcoal sketch or painting. Creating unusual and engaging angels are fair game to re-invent the traditional images and set your drawing in a league of its own.

Dated Angels
When one artist copies another, a perpetual cycle begins with how we perceive an angel to look. 12th Century angels hung on to their humble beginnings until an entrepreneurial visionary gave them a makeover and turned bleak into chic.

When you are drawing angels, find your still and quiet voice that instructs you from within and go with what you know. Art is a gift that stretches the imagination and touches a nerve with the admirer. A quality piece of artwork will evoke some kind of emotion from the viewer. Good or bad, it matters not. Sadness, anger, joy, or peace; the artists have done their job.

Angel DrawingsAn Angel Praying
Cherub enjoying LifeBaby Angel Playing Music

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