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Thank you for visiting our Online Drawing Showcase of our visitors' Animal Drawings! Please feel free to browse around for inspiration and motivation, and leave a kind word of feedback for the artist. There are several artists on this site who contribute their drawings and sketches - if there is any animal drawing you like here please give a comment in the contact page.

Are you a budding artist yourself? Now is your time to shine! Upload your original Drawings of animals or any other drawings you have, below here...these must be your own original drawings. 

Young Black BearYoung Black Bear

There are many pages here on how to draw animals of all shapes and sizes in natual style and cartoon style. From how to draw dogs, cats, eagle drawings, fish drawings, drawing dragons, monkeys, birds, and even pigs and rodents--plus hundreds more! 

Draw your favorite cartoon or any Disney character to start off your career - unless you are just doing this as a hobby. You can copy anything on this site and put ir on your very own page here. Your friends will be impressed - so write up in few short words something about you and your art.

Thank you for visiting our Online Drawing Showcase of our visitors' Animal Drawings!

Please feel free to browse around for inspiration and motivation, and leave a kind word of feedback for the artists. There are several contributing freelance artists here.

Are you a budding artist yourself? Now is your time to shine! Upload your original Drawings of animals or any other drawings you have, below here...these must be your own original drawings. 

There are many pages here on how to draw animals of all shapes and sizes in natual style and cartoon style. From how to draw dogs, cats, eagle drawings, fish drawings, drawing dragons, monkeys, birds, and even pigs and rodents--plus hundreds more! 

Go Here For a Little Inspiration on Drawing Animals

An easy-to-draw cowAn easy-to-draw cow in pencil or ink

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What Other Visitors Have Said

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An Eagle 
There is nothing I can say about this eagle. Tell me what you think of my drawing. Any comments to help me along? By Jebin

Pattern Design 
It's a pattern drawing. This is my first pattern drawing. I'm expecting more commands.

I made this at my friend's request.

Two Birds  
Cute birds with colors. By K.R.Tejashwin

Lion Enjoying Wind 
A Lion lost in his own world and relaxing while wind is blowing.

Have you ever looked at your own completed drawing and said, 'did that really come from me?' Well. That. I was commissioned to draw this fuzzy critter …

shaded sketch of an lion face

A fox stalking its prey.

A lion is called a 'king of beasts' obviously for a reason.

My First Sketch...Please leave your comments to improve my drawing skills.

This is my favourite drawing and the first one I created.

Sketch Of A Pug 
I Am A College Studend & I Love Sketching, I Have Not Taken Any Drawing Classes And This Sketch Is Dedicated To My Pet Dog,Tiger. Please Rate My Sketch. …

The Night Owl 
The Night Owl Its a doodle of an owl which lives its entire life in darkness.

The King of The Forest 
Some of the drawings done by my wife! By Sujitha Sasi Kumar

I finally learned how to draw a wolf. All my animals I drew looked like cartoon animals. One day I wondered how do I make a animal look real like …

The Legendary Tiger 
I wanted to try drawing something new than drawing humans.


My Pencil Drawings of Birds 
Birds are my favorite things to draw. Where I live in the Caribbean there is an abundance of birds of all types, sizes shapes and colors to draw. Here …

My Creativity with Horses 
My drawing of a horse when I was in class 10 I drew this using exercises like circles, line formations without the help of scales, templates or compasses …

Drawing Animals in Charcoal 
Most of my drawings are of animals which I like to draw in their natural habitat. This is not easy so I have to take my DSLR camera and shoot many pictures. …

Easy Drawings For Me To Master 
Easy drawings for me have been the simple ones starting with cartoons then graduating to drawing portraits in pencil. I started off with drawing boxes …

A Collie 
I drew this one with a luck of the draw! First I started with an outline and then I drew the outlines of the colors on the face. Then it was drawing …

Tell me about it.. Drawing by Noufal

My Dog Sketches 
This is essentially for dog sketchers and/or people who love dogs. Dog sketches and the large variety of breeds are a curious lot with us humans. These …

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This is a drawing of my daughter's dog "Bailey". I have been drawing now for just about a year and a half and decided to do a colored pencil drawing …

I have made this pencil drawing while admiring this wonderful feline on the internet. I used a 2B 0,5 pencil. Sorry for the bad quality, my scanner …

Face the cat 
This drawing is sketched using charcoal pencil

It is inspired by a picture of a cheetah in the newspaper (in a supplement about tv programs. This amazing picture makes you not only watch the …

morkie artist Not rated yet
pastel and pen

Naughty elephant Not rated yet
This is a water color painting. I utilised my vacation period for painting.

Underwater Not rated yet
I love underwater animals. These turtles are my favorite type of sea creatures

Gorilla  Not rated yet

Sloth Not rated yet
Sloth Please do not put images or photos on their side! The computer will not accept them. Also the images should be cropped. Thanks, Kimberly.

Lion laying down Not rated yet
A lion laying in the grass. The lion head was the hardest part of this drawing. Att: Christina, You need a few drawing lessons which you can get …

Girl Not rated yet
My drawing is about A girl who has been source of inspiration, matter of pride to every Nepali citizens.😊 She proved that hard work, devotion and passion …

MY LITTLE BIRD Not rated yet
I had a little bird called Pillu..This bird passed away last year. This picture is the picture of the bird who will stay forever in my memory.

2013 Ellen Not rated yet
2013 Ellen Can you please comment or say a few words about your drawings. There are many people who see and read these comments and can learn from …

KONG THE REAL KING Not rated yet
Kong abhi bacha hai!

Elephant Not rated yet
I like to draw this type of drawing...thanks.

Charlie Chaplin Not rated yet
Charlie Chaplin Please write up a few lines about your art/cartooning and Charle Chaplin? Kim {coordinator]

The lady wolf Not rated yet
How a lady wolf would behave if her husband forgets their wedding day

Happy Whale Not rated yet
This is my favourite animal but really endangered

Olga Kurlenkos Not rated yet
Olga Kurlenkos Moderator; Please add more content or text about your artwork e.g. Who is Olga? where is she from and what does she do?

Swan Not rated yet
Swan with the colorful place. by K.R.Tejashwini

Soul Friend Not rated yet
My Work links the beautiful emotional attachment of Giant creature with a human. I once visited South-side, so roaming around I saw something that touches …

Luna Not rated yet
This is a drawing of my dog named Luna.

Maccow  Not rated yet
It's a imagine of the parrot that shows how it watch's the world.

Fluffy friend Not rated yet
It's a fluffy friend who has one eye covered with fur :) Its fur is very very very soft !

Bridget Moynahan Not rated yet
Bridget Moynahan

Click here to write your own.

Bridget Moynahan Not rated yet
Bridget Moynahan

My drawing of a dog  Not rated yet
It's a safe guard. It's pet animal for everybody

Aria Giovannini2 Not rated yet
Aria Giovannini

Aria Giovannini Not rated yet
Aria Giovannini

Friendship for ever Not rated yet
This sketch is made using 3B pencil and shows lovely understanding between the two.

Made for each other Not rated yet
This is a beautiful pencil sketch showing friendly relationship in animal kingdom... humans need to learn a lot from them.

An Owl Not rated yet
I love sketching and this is my first owl sketch..... hope you like it.

Scorpio Not rated yet
I drew Scorpio because my star sign is Scorpio. Hope you like it!

German Shephard Not rated yet
I love German Shephard dogs so it inspired me to draw one. Let me know what you think.

puppy sketch Not rated yet
I.. luv it Wat do u think abt it😇

Seahorse  Not rated yet
An early effort of mine inspired by a sketchbook given to me by my daughter. Scott Jackson Note: No image supplied by the author.

Sea Turtle Not rated yet
I am an 8-year-old boy from India. I love pencil drawings and I keep trying out new pictures daily. I love drawing animal pictures and automobiles. …

Butterfly Not rated yet
No images loaded Cj. I decided to draw this butterfly because I love all kinds of animals. And the butterfly to me symbolizes peace and peacefulness …

Sunny Leone Not rated yet
Beauty is only in the eye of the beholder. Your comments are welcome!

the horse by mala Not rated yet
It's a dream. Sorry, we cannot accept drawings with "nice one" or anything else other than the artists drawing. Take it out and re-submit. Thanks. …

Cat Not rated yet
My Pencil Drawing of a Cat Please note; you do not give any information about your cat. You do require additional drawing lessons. Please download free …

King of The Jungle the Lion  Not rated yet
One of my best sketches ever. The lion king.

Building Your Foundation Not rated yet
Many moons ago when I was an art student, I learned drawing realistically would be a bit like building a foundation for a house. Your basic skills …

Hungry sparrow  Not rated yet
This pencil drawing has been made after being inspired by some random picture on Internet.

Be the Master of Your Paintings! Not rated yet
When you are painting or drawing a landscape, still life or anything, do you consider where you place your main object and/or secondary objects? Especially …

Pour_love Not rated yet
visit instagram page man33_sha_rma. It would be nice if you can give a few details about your artwork. Even a simple feedback about how you are making …

Horse sketch Not rated yet
He is a friendly horse walking on grass. Made using pencil shading in oil pastels.

Birds Not rated yet
My mother brought me a drawing book of birds from a bookfair. From that I drew these birds.

Rare Eagle Not rated yet
I didn't get to finish this one sadly, its a rare eagle, and my fourth eagle drawing. I drew a turtle right after XD But I wanted to draw this cuz I …

Stained Glass Peacock (A drawing) Not rated yet
A drawing I did of a peacock set in stained glass.

Click here to write your own.

Learning to See - Learning to Visualize Not rated yet
There are several categories of drawings: you get those recoding of what was seen, those that visualize what is imagined (also we can add later those that …

Lion sketch  Not rated yet
This is a pencil sketch of a Lion. It has been made only by pencil and eraser. It is framed also. It links the viewer to the nature, calmness and peace. …

jesse Not rated yet
I struggled a great deal on this one. Its one of my first commissioned works, and it was hellish trying to make the right eye look natural while keeping …

Flying Birds Not rated yet
Pencil sketches of flying birds.

Rias Gremory Not rated yet
Rias Gremory from high school.

Carousel of Happiness Not rated yet
Just a quick ballpoint pen sketch to see if I can upload. Yes, uploaded just fine...I do not know why so many cannot up their images. Really, it …

My Light, Rock and Hope Not rated yet
My hope is built on nothing less Than Jesus’ blood and righteousness; I dare not trust the sweetest frame, But wholly lean on Jesus’ name. When darkness …

Wolf Not rated yet
Don't really know how's that supposed to be a wolf I'm not the best at drawing wolves.

Meryll Streep Cartoon Not rated yet
See if you can draw some funny cartoon of famous celebs. They can be Hollywood stars, politician, TV hosts or anyone well-known. Get some good images …

A Kudu Drawing  Not rated yet
Here is my Kudu Drawing which is for a large painting to hang in a corporate office. I made several attempts to get the right pose after scanning a …

Black Lab Dog Not rated yet
This is my 13 yr old drawing of a black lab pet called Sadie. Very well done Anna!

Animals Not rated yet
Animal drawings by Bhaskar.

Animals Not rated yet
Pencil sketches of animals. By Bhaskar

Pigeon Not rated yet
It's always better to convert our anger into an energetic skill... that's how I started doing sketching, it's always been a learning process in pencil …

Thoroughbred on the Move Not rated yet
A graphite drawing of a race horse in full stride - 12"w x 9"h

Baby Simba Not rated yet
Simba from Lion King as a baby. By Brittney J

Buck Not rated yet
Colored pencils and digital frame. Contributed by Sandy Lange

Cocker Not rated yet
Done with 2HB pencil, then watercolor pencils.

Billy Goat Rough Not rated yet
Done with color chalk and a black lead pencil. Sandy Lange

Young Buck Not rated yet
Sketched from a book and with color water and color pencils. Sandy Lange

Goat Farm Not rated yet
Visited my friend's goat farm and sketched from a photo I took. Colored with color pencils.

Big 'n' Small. Not rated yet
My drawing is about animals that are on the ground and animals that are in the sky. Kelsey Maton

Fun Drawing From Nature Not rated yet
What could be a better way to practice than sketching objects from nature? Drawing is considered one of the best mental exercises. It also is an …

Capturing Nature in Your Sketchpad  Not rated yet
What can become a better method to gain expertise than drawing from nature? Drawing is considered to be among the best exercise for an artists' development. …

Nutmeg Not rated yet
I work at an animal shelter and this beautiful girl was Nutmeg, she was a staffy x bull terrier and I was her handler. She was a ball of fun but Unfortunately …

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Start Your Own Drawing Group Not rated yet
One of the unusual things about drawing and art is that talent draws people together for a lasting friendship. Age, talent, education and so forth …

Pencil Drawing Techniques Not rated yet
Before you start to draw your favorite animal or a portrait, you need to do a few warming up exercises. These exercises loosen up you wrist and hand so …

Animal Drawings Not rated yet
There's not a lot to tell about my drawings of black bears. We often get them at this time in some parts of the Rockies. AS you know, they are probably …

The Great Medium of Drawing With Ink Not rated yet
This is a medium where you HAVE to use bold lines while working directly—there's no rubbing out! Using only a few simple lines to sketch in your …

Great Technical Skill in Adelaide Hiebel Art Not rated yet
Very few artists who work with or worked with pastels can rival the technical skill or artistic imagination of Adelaide Hiebel. Noted as one of the finest …

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